RE2013 Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the Blog Review Extravaganza!  I will be your host tonight and hope to help you have a very satisfying stay here at Involuntary Smiles.  Where we aim to please.  Today we will be reviewing the months April through June.  There will be prizes for one lucky participant and a guaranteed pleasant feeling as you find which posts to showcase in this week's Extravaganza!  For a refresher on the rules and the fabulous prizes, go here.  If you forgot to link up last week, no worries, you can still link up, you just wont get all the points, but we don't really do this for the points, now, do we?

April was a tempestuous month. We had a visit from The wind fairy which brought some pretty intense winds, and left a trampoline in our backyard.
The kids were thrilled to see that when they woke up.  The neighbor was less than thrilled to see their trampoline in our backyard and not in theirs.  This month I learned that this house is haunted.  It was a pretty spooky time, I tell you what!  A few things have happened since, but nothing like that night! This was also the month I introduced my children to the joys of Chocolate Chips and milk.

 Dunking them to be more specific.  Because who can go through childhood without a good dunk of chocolate chip cookies and milk, I ask you!

In May I learned that Faye was too old for naps.  I learned the hard way.  The nice weather was not just joking around any more but had actually come and gotten comfy.  So much so that the kids wanted to be kids and make a royal mess in the mud pit.  Or, to take a mud bath as they so aptly put it.
Typical. And Faye decided she was done with naps.  Or rather, I learned she was done with naps since she quit falling asleep at night.

I have to admit, I was very sad to see them go.  But I was able to just cherish some of the moments.  The moments that are so everyday and ordinary and so magical in the regularness.
And so special in their simplicity.

June was spectacular in its lovely heat and summery goodness.  There were some days I could have done without.  Like the day which seemed it could have been taken straight out of a sit com for all its ridiculousness.  I call that day the Comedy of Errors.  It is funny to remember, but not so much to live it.  And then on the flip side, there were days that were just like a Raspberry Ganache memory.  A day that was surprising, rich, and delicately sweet and rolled into one.  A day that will forever be remembered with fondness and love.  Just like a chocolate raspberry ganache cake.  Which still has my mouth drooling to this day.  To finish off my memory of June, it just wouldn't be the same without mentioning the Toxic Air.  An evening of deep breathing gone horribly wrong!

Don't forget to link up and play along!  If I don't get around to reading your review this week, forgive me, I am packing and moving!  But seriously, I will read it.  So link up and play along!

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Kenzie Smith said…
Oh wow that must have been quite the wind storm, yikes. I'm going to have to check out your haunted house post! That's too fun that you have a mud pit for the kids to play in - my boys would LOVE that!
Emmy said…
I missed the ghost story the first time that was freaky! I would have been totally scared. We get winds like that here every winter, I hate them.
Barbara said…
Wow! That must have been some windstrom!! Crazy.
Makes me sad that my kids are anti- napping too. I think we have a mud pit in our backyard that we could tackle right now if it wasn't so cold-- I know my dog sure loves it.
Lisa said…
No nap! No nap!! :) I still haven't read your ghost story - I don't remember it, and I'm scared of scary things.

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