In The Name of Science

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This morning I woke up fully rested.  I had gone to bed at 6:00 last night, of course, so it was to be expected.  

It was glorious.  

I may try going to bed at 6:00 more often.  Just don't tell my 7 year old self that.  She would be scandalized.

As is my custom, when I woke up I checked the weather.

It was 1* F with a windchill factor of -17.


I jumped out of bed and hurriedly got dressed, anxious to get everything ready for school early as this was the day I had been waiting for.

For more than a year, now, I had been watching the weather, every cold day, patiently waiting for it to get below 0* F.  Last year I read about a science experiment on how to make clouds, but only if it was super cold.

What you do, is take hot water (the hotter the better) outside on such a cold day, throw it into the air, and none of it will hit the ground, it will all turn into a cloud, instantly.

Being the over-achiever that I am, I decided I would use boiling water for this experiment.  I put water in my super cute sea green tea kettle, and put it on to boil while I made breakfast.  When it began to whistle, I took the lid off, so it would stop whistling (and because I wasn't thinking), gathered the kids around, and we went outside.  I swung the kettle forward while holding the spout open, intending for the water to come out of the spout.  However, the not thinking brain paid sorely for that action.  The water, instead of leaving the kettle through the small spout hole, decided to leave the kettle through the huge gaping hole on top, right next to the handle which my fingers were wrapped around. 

Interesting fact, water boils at 212* F.  

When a fountain of 212* water sloshed out of the kettle, onto my hand, and then making a cloud which dissipated into the air, I promptly dropped the kettle, losing sight of it in the successfull cloud which burst from it when I let go.  When the cloud cleared, my kettle lay in pieces at the bottom of the cement steps, and my flesh was a searing angry red.  

Disappointed, I rushed to the sink and plunged my hand into a stream of cool water, gasping at the sudden relief from the blistering pain.

Which has made for an incredibly unproductive day of sitting with my hand in a bowl of cold water.

I went to the doctor who said there is some second degree burning on my hand, it is going to hurt for a while, and Jeffrey is now on diaper duty until my hand heals.  

But at least it was all in the name of science!


Lisa said…
LOVE the new thought. "Dazzle me with your wisdom!" No chance of that here, but I literally laughed out loud when I read it! :) Sorry your hand hurts! Hugs and loves! But WAY cool that it actually worked! And PS - I wish I had the money to replace your tea kettle as that would be a FABULOUS present from me to you! Someday...
Lara Neves said…
I have wanted to try this experiment, and heaven knows we have had the weather for it! But after reading this, maybe I will pass....

Hope your hand is feeling better soon!
Emmy said…
Oh no! So sorry :( That doesn't sound fun at all... and you know I bet you were the only one who was happy it was -1! That is just wrong.
Em said…
hahahaha scandalized!!! the unusually cold weather reminds me of rexburg. coat, gloves, scarf, hat required. if you leave the house without them you'll be sorry. nothing like a good excuse to get out of diapers.

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