Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Good Intentions and Tires

Good intentions are the way we figuratively hang ourselves.  You know that, right?

I have been intending to pack for about a week now, and still have only a few boxes packed.
But the days just get away from me and I have no control over it.  I am a slave to my destiny or some such rot as that.

Today, for example, was one of those runaway days.

I left the house at 8:20 to take Keith to school.  He was late, again.  Typical.  I didn't get home until 2ish. Which was not according to plan.

After I dropped Keith off at school, I got to go visit teaching.  Visit teaching is something we do in my church where we basically get to go visit with a friend and then share a spiritual message.  It is great, I love it.  However, I got stuck in my friend's driveway, which made me late picking Keith up from school.  As I was driving down the road to pick him up, the van began shaking violently.  I called my dad to figure out what was going on and he suggested the tires were unbalanced.  But because of the shaking, I had to take the long way there.  After picking Keith up, he mentioned that the van smelled stinky.  Like something burning.

Burned rubber.  Great.

So I took the van in to the nearest Les Schwab.

Gosh I love them!

They came out to the van to meet me.  I know, I know, all car places usually do that.  BUT, after getting out and explaining what it is I needed, the young man ushered us into the building, commenting on how lucky they were to have a little princess in their ranks.  Faye was wearing her Rapunzel nightgown.  I love how they treat me there.  I always feel like I should be wearing pearls, heels, a pillbox hat and gloves when I am there. Very 1950's.  Very classy.  The service is out of this world!  We discussed what the problem could possibly be.  Someone mentioned something about the parking break and my heart sank. 

Now, before the Judging Judys come out, let me just say, the parking break light has been on for the past month whether or not the parking break was actually on.  Also to note, I have used the parking break maybe seven times since we bought the van.  Also, my friend's driveway was icy and somewhat steep, so when I parked, I engaged the parking break.

And then promptly forgot about.

And drove around with it on.

Don't judge!

When I was at Les Schwab they told me they couldn't take off the tires, because they were so bald it would be unsafe.  

So I bought three new tires.  

When they did eventually remove the tires, the tire drum was broken on one of them, and so they had to order a new one.  It took a long time for the drum to arrive.

The kids had a lot of fun running around playing, though.  
In fact, when it was time to leave, they both groaned and began complaining about wanting to stay and play some more.
So my little stop off ended up taking much much longer than originally anticipated.

Which really bit into my packing time.

Tomorrow, I get to take Beth in to the doctor to have her red spot looked at.  Which could take the majority of the day. 
Oh, and if all goes well, we sign!

Now, if only I could find time to pack!


Emmy said...

Oh no! I have driven with the parking break on before but usually only a very tiny distance but I always hate when I do that. It would be confusing if your light is always on.

Hope you can get some more time for packing

Lisa said...

What a crazy day! At least that Les Schwab had toys! And I love Beth's outfit!