Final Extravaganza

This is the final week for the Blog Review Extravaganza-ganza-ganza-ganza!

We will be recapping the final three months of the year, and as an added bonus, you can know the inner workings of my mind through my goals!  Seriously, this has been a blast, even though I don't have internet and thus am forced to sneak into basements of the people I love and use theirs.  Its a trade off.

So, Without further ado, recap with me!

October was fun, as always.  The colors the season brings always drives us outdoors in search of heaven on earth.

I think we found it this year.

It is the birthday month, so how could it not be wonderful?  This year, Keith went to play laser tag for his birthday and thus there was no pumpkin patch visit.  I was very disappointed.  For my birthday, I was hoping to buy a house.  We had put an offer in, and so Jeffrey and I decided it would be best if we didn't do gifts for me this year as a house would be my gift.  But guess what.  Two days after my birthday I was told we weren't getting the house.  Someone else was going to get it.  Can I just tell you, worst birthday gift ever!  So Jeffrey and I talked about getting a wheat grinder.

Halloween was wonderful, as it always is.  The kids loved their costumes, got a serious haul, and Keith honestly looked the part.  He was Luke Skywalker, and we didn't cut his hair all year long, growing it out for the part.

November 3rd was one of my favorite days ever.  It was the day Keith finally let me get his hair cut and he looks like such a handsome stud!  And, as an added bonus, he lets me fix his hair for him every day!  He never let me even comb it, much less style it before.  Such a great thing.

Sometime in that week my Realtor called me and told me the other people who were wanting the house we wanted had pulled their offer so it was ours if we wanted it.

We jumped and began the grueling paperwork of a short sale.

Meanwhile, Faye and I did some exploring near what we hoped would be our new house.

She discovered Echo.  It made me laugh so much.  That girl is so funny!

And my grandfather died.  It was a beautiful funeral service and I miss him like crazy, but am not sad he is gone, if that makes any sense.

Faye had a birthday.  She turned 4 and was spoiled rotten, like all 4 year old girls should be.  Complete with a mani-pedi, of which she is still talking about.

December was chaos.  Not because of Christmas.  We were going to have a very simple Christmas, and all of the gifts were purchased before Faye's birthday.  December was chaos because it involved a lot of packing, and then waiting because we were not sure we would get the house, and more packing, and more waiting and wondering if we should be unpacking instead of packing, and getting my hopes up and dashed fifty million times over.

A week before Christmas, we did eventually get the papers signed, and a week after that we did get the keys to the house.  And then it was a mad rush to get moved in before Christmas.  I was bound and determined to have Christmas in our own house, and my siblings who were in town for Christmas were so wonderful to come help me clean and get everything ready to move in. I was up until 2 on Christmas Eve putting up our decorations, but we did have Christmas in our own house, and it was beautiful!

I have to say, this year I did the unthinkable.  I made two huge resolutions, and I kept both of them.  Have a baby and buy a house.  Although I am not planning on anything quite so life changing as both of those goals were, I do hope to be able to stick to them with the same luck and tenacity I did with this year's goals.

Next year I hope to slow down a bit.  I hope to help Faye with her reading and writing, both of which have been sorely neglected the past year as there were always so many other things going on.  I hope to participate in an 8 week challenge and actually stay true to it through the end.  And run a 5K.  Maybe even begin to like running.  Oh, and for my husband to finally finish school.  That would be glorious!

Don't forget to link up!  The linky will be open through the 3rd of January.  Remember, there is a great big grand prize of more than $600, and there is also another prize because there were so many awesome sponsors.  Come play along this last week!


C25k. Best app to train for a 5k.
Do it, momma!
Emmy said…
Wow holy cow it was a big year with a baby and a house! So so happy for you and that you were able to have your first Christmas in your new home.
Chantel said…
I always do a year in review so I linked to it. Hope you are enjoying your new house!

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