Best Three Months Of The Year… Nearly.

We currently don't have internet.

I am at my parent's house mooching their food and internet to get this done.

All of which is loose code for….

…we have moved into our new house!

Unpacking boxes that have been in storage since Faye was born is like a super Christmas.  Every box I open, every glass or breakable thing I unwrap is like getting a great gift.

Best. Day. Ever!

Since we don't have internet right now, however, I was not able to get my Blog Extravaganza posted.  Oops!

Happily, I can do it now.

For a recap of the rules, click here.  Remember, you can post until Wednesday night before the link is taken down, and you can be qualified for some great prizes, so play along!

July was an agonizing month.  It was hot and no one knew it, but I was pregnant.  Nine months, in fact. At the very end of the month, my sweet little baby Beth was born.  And I announced her arrival for the first time.  It was a great shocker.  I love being sneaky like that.

August was fairly low keeled.  We were getting to know the baby and the dynamics of going from a family of four to a family of five.  The kids played outside a lot while I was feeding the baby and sleeping and just surviving.

September Keith started kindergarten.  It was exciting and fun to watch my boy through this stepping stone of life.  He loves his school, teacher and class.


Lisa said…
YAY FOR A NEW HOUSE!!! :) And yeah - I remember those months. :) Probably some of our best chats, I think! Enjoy opening boxes - that is SO FUN!
Jacquie said…
Wow no one knew you were pregnant? Super cool!
Emmy said…
Yes you were so tricky about your pregnancy. Hope you are getting settled into your new place. Thanks for still doing this even with all the craziness.

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