Ripe Old Age of 4

Faye had a birthday last week.

The big 0-4.

She thinks she owns the world, now that she has reached the ripe old age of 4.

Her birthday is always harder to do things for as it is right before Thanksgiving and at a really awkward time of year seasonally.  It is too cold to do much outside, there is no snow to play in (go sledding, build snowmen, etc), and there aren't really any great indoor attractions, so we always struggle in finding something fun for Faye.  Keith's is easy.  It is fall and right before Halloween.  In struggling to find something to do for her, we eventually decided on going out for dinner and then a movie.

On Faye's birthday eve, after the kids were tucked into bed, I made streamers and hung them from their doorway.  A curtain of pink and purple streamers greeted them when they awoke the next morning, waking me with their squeals and giggles.  I love that part about birthdays, the squealing.

We got Keith off to school and then we went to my mom's house since my sister was still there from the funeral.  We baked her cake, picked up Keith from school, and then we all went out to eat to a delicious Indian restaurant.  I am known there, to the point I can ask for my usual and they know what I mean.  Navratan Korma with a side of rice.  Our waitress is wonderful, as always, and when Keith told her it was Faye's birthday, she brought out a rootbeer float for her.  And one for Keith, because you can't give to one and not the other, she said.  So right she was.

When we finished we went back to my mom's house and frosted the cake.

It is the same cake I had when I turned 4, which makes me chuckle a bit.  It is exactly what she asked for.  A princess cake.

I think the one I had at 4 turned out so much better than the one I made for Faye, but that is because my mother is incredible with cake decorating and I am just learning.

And then came the icing on her day.

A mani-pedi.

Absolute bliss if you are 4.

Or even 6.  Keith was very jealous and asked when he could have a turn.  He even picked out which colors of nail polish he wanted.  Had we had more time I would have let him, but in secret as Jeffrey would not be too happy.  One day in secret I will take Keith, though.

Jeffrey got off work and we went to Red Robin to eat.  Faye's request.  By the time we finished eating, it was too late to go to a show, and there wasn't anything exactly kid friendly so we vetoed the movie idea and just went home to eat cake and open presents.

As I was tucking her in bed that night, she wrapped her sweet arms around my neck and told me it was the best day she had ever had.

I laid down on Keith's bed that night and we continued our nightly read.  He snuggled in so close and just cuddled while I read.  It was so wonderful to be cuddling like that.  He is getting to be so big and grown up, we don't cuddle much anymore.  After a while with that, Faye got jealous.  As it was her birthday, I climbed up to her bed and snuggled with her as well.  I fell asleep with her laying on my arm, folded into me so perfectly, her honey hair draped across my arm and her pillow.  I looked into her darling little face, those black lashes curling off her cheeks, so beautifully.  Moments like that are precious. I wish there was a way to freeze it in time.

Happy Birthday my sweet Faye!


Lisa said…
Happy Birthday Faye! Sounds like a PERFECT day! And I'm LOVING Keith's hair (and Faye's - so jealous of her curls!).
Natalie said…
Awww what a great birthday! It's nice to meet you through Emmy and to be co-hosting with you. Happy belated birthday to your sweet daughter!
Nicole said…
Oh I think the birthday you did for Faye was absolutely GREAT! I love the cake and give yourself credit!! You did awesome. My step-daughter's birthday is 8 days after Christmas so I know about the whole "timing" thing. Send some ideas my way for an 11 year olds birthday if you have :)
Em said…
girl time!!!

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