Musings on Echo

It was 6:00.  Jeffrey was getting ready for work and Beth was making her hungry sounds.  I groggily lifted her out of her crib and began to feed her in the dark.  Despite the inability to see much, I knew she had fixed her keen blue eyes on me and was smiling while she ate.  I could just feel it.  When Jeffrey came into our room to get his badge, keys and wallet, he turned on the lights and I was right.  She was staring at me and smiling while she ate.  I love that about her.

Jeffrey left, and Beth and I continued to watch each other.  Like that Neil Diamond song; "Watching you watching me watching you."  If Sweet Caroline is now stuck in your head, I send my deepest condolences.  While we watched each other, and smiled, and she cooed occasionally, I thought about what my day held in store.  A whole lot of cleaning, running errands, and busyness.  In the quiet early hours of the morning, lost in the crystalline depths of Beth's eyes, I decided to do something I have been meaning to do for a good ten years now.  There is an abandoned railroad track that has been turned into a beautiful path near Keith's school.  It was still an abandoned track when I first found it. In 2001.  Since I get to hang out for two hours every day this week, waiting for Keith to finish school, I have had to be creative with what to do with our time.  Especially since the library isn't open at that early hour.  And parks are so cold.  So this morning, armed with my baby wrap and a blanket, we dropped Keith off at school and headed over to the abandoned track.

It was beautiful!

Faye and I both were enamored with it.  Just a simple asphalt path, but it was lined on either side buy great old trees.  The pathway was completely covered in leafs in parts.

A mostly dry ditch ran along the sides of the pathway.

It felt good to be exploring with my girls.  Beth was snuggled in close, clinging like a koala bear baby.  I covered her head and legs and feet with her blanket and pointed things out to her while Faye danced around us.  We walked with our heads tilted back, getting glimpses of the sky between the intertwining branches which were raining leaves down on us.  Every time one landed on one of us it was a good luck charm.  We were very lucky this morning.  

Eventually, we came to a tunnel, and that is where the fun really began.  It had one of the best echos I have ever encountered.  As we walked through it, I sang the song from Land Before Time.  

"Don't lose your way, with each passing day.
You've come so far, don't throw it away.
Live believing, dreams are for weaving.  Wonders are waiting to start.
Live your story, Faith, hope, and glory.  Hold to the truth in your heart.
If we hold on together, I know our dreams will never die. 
Dreams see us through to forever
Where clouds roll by.  For you and I.

Such a lovely echo always makes my voice sound better than it actually is.  In my ears, at least.  Which is why I sing in the shower.  Acoustics, people.  That's what I'm talking about.

Faye had never heard such a brilliant echo.  We had to go back to the tunnel several times to see if the echos were still there.  Honestly, we didn't make it much further than the tunnel as it was so much fun right there.

While making echos, I had the rare opportunity to really see the world through my daughter's eyes.

"Mom, what does an Echo look like?" she asked me sweetly.

I told her I didn't know, you can't see an echo, it is a vibration of sound.

"Oh.  Okay.  But where are the Echos hiding?"  she pressed.

And the questions about the echos that ensued made me laugh.  I caught some on video.  

After this onslaught of questions, I attempted to explain what an echo is.

In the tunnel, I pointed to the walls and showed her how they encircled about us.  Since it was all closed in the vibrations of our voices bounce off the walls several times, which makes it sound like it is being repeated. That is what makes an echo.

"Oh.  Okay." she responded.

As we were walking back to the van, she began again.

"Does the Echo change colors when it moves? What color is it?  How does it know how to say what we are saying when we say it?"

I decided to leave it be and told her about a book I have of the Greek myth of Echo.  It fit her understanding completely.

I am so happy to have found such a beautiful place, and can't wait to explore it some more!

I mean, really, I live in such a beautiful place.  Or at least I know of a lot of beautiful places to haunt whilst living in the city.
It is especially helpful to be able to take a time out when life is so busy, just to reconnect with nature, myself and God.  That little walk this morning helped me so much today.  It didn't detract any of the chaos that was my day, but it did give me the peace of mind that I needed when things got a little too chaotic.  Instead of yelling at my kids, I was able to look at the funny side of things.  What a blessing it is to have nature so abundantly around me to be able to recharge me!  Tender mercy, that is what it is.  And don't even get me started on how refreshing little thoughts on Echos being living entities can be.  Especially when professed from such an innocent and loving person!


Crystal Collier said…
Gorgeous! You're making me miss it, BIG TIME. Living in the land of two seasons has it's shortcomings. *sigh*
Susan Anderson said…
What a magical day! And your photos capture it so well.

Lisa said…
What a beautiful day! And such a sweet, silly girl!
I love how you appreciate the simple magic of our world.
Emmy said…
Oh I just want to do a photo shoot on that path! If I ever move to Utah, I am going to have you show me all the amazing spots as seriously you find such great spots. Beautiful pictures

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