So, I still need to record Faye's birthday celebrations.  But I will save that for another day when I have more time.

Last Thursday, I was playing with the kids.  Keith had his head in my lap and was laughing about something or other.  His mouth was stretched wide in mirth and his eyes had tears streaming down into his ears.  I must have been tickling him, I don't really remember.  As I looked into his mouth, I saw something that surprised me.  He had a big tooth growing in behind his little tooth!

I had noticed his front teeth beginning to grow crookedly, but chalked it up to his thumb sucking.  Can't seem to get him to shake that habit.  Which is a big huge sigh as I don't want to pay for braces, really.

Low and behold, a shiny grown up white tooth is growing behind his sweet little baby ones.  The front teeth were not loose at all, so we decided to visit a dentist to get the babies pulled before much more crooked damage was done.

And again, I am going to say, nay sing from the rooftops, I love my dentist!

Because Keith needed his teeth pulled, I decided to take him to see my guy rather than the pediatric dentist he was going to.  I am sure the pediatric dentist would have done just fine, but I wanted Keith to see someone I knew and trusted.  I called his office today, and they were miraculously able to see us today!  Which never ever happens.  He is typically booked out quite a ways.

I wasn't sure how I was going to do it with all three kids in tow, but drove the 45 minutes away with faith that it would somehow work out.  It always does, you know.

And so we went, and they were amazing, like always.

Keith is petrified by needles.  If he sees one, it doesn't even have to be intended for him, his big blue eyes immediately well up with tears, his chin dimples, lip quivers, and he clutches my hand and hides behind me. Dr. Jackson was able to get Keith numbed up without any trouble at all.  Everything went without a hitch and it was a great experience for him.  Well, except when the anesthesia was wearing off.  He hated that.

I have a weird tooth that I haven't been able to chew on for a long time, so I had him look at it while I was there.

"If you can tell me what musical this song is from, I will give you 10 dollars." he said while putting things in my mouth.

I didn't know, but was impressed that he could understand my guesses.  Dentists must learn that foreign language.  Dental Speak, I think it is called.

A new song came on. This time it was in spanish.  But I knew the voice.  It was very familiar to me.

"Oo i ihhhh?" I asked him.  (Who is this?)

"Do you know it?  La Ley."

"I ah eh! I ha a HE!" (I love them!  I have the CD!)

He talked a bit more about them and moved on to a new topic.

When I was finished, he asked me if I wanted the CD, and said he is going to mail it to me.

Seriously, I love my dentist!  He is fabulous with his work, bedside manner, and everyone in his office is just fantastic.

No, I am not getting paid for this glowing recommendation of him.  I am just super impressed again.

When we got home from our excursion, we had dinner, and Keith wanted to put his teeth beneath his pillow. I told him the Tooth fairy cannot deliver to a room where the floor is hidden beneath a mess.  He was a little sad, but went to bed regardless.

My goodness, I love these milestones.  I wish I could think up something slightly more elaborate and celebratory, but quite frankly, I don't have time.  I don't have time to organize the magic right now because big things are a happening this week, next week and every week for the rest of this year!  Seriously, this year is going out with the greatest bang ever.  I will elaborate more on this tomorrow.  In the meantime, here is an awesome shot of my boy's tooth holes.
P.S. If you are in the South Salt Lake area and want the coolest dentist of all time, drop me a line and I will give you his deets.  You are welcome.


Emmy said…
Lucas had the same problem, the big tooth growing up bending the baby ones and ended up having four baby teeth pulled out.

So awesome you have such a wonderful dentist and yes they really are pretty awesome at figuring out what their patients are saying.
*Jess* said…
my son's grown up teeth are all coming in behind his baby teeth, but our dentist doesn't want to pull them. He said they'd come out in time. So far, two have!
Susan Anderson said…
Having a good dentist is the best! Glad he resolved things so well!

Lisa said…
I love my dentist too. :) What was wrong with YOUR tooth? And congrats to Keith on losing his teeth!

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