love the after holiday sales.
While Keith was at school today (another half day, so we hung out around his school), the girls and I went to the store.  I had been looking for some long sleeved onesies, and it seemed every store was sold out of Beth's size.  Go figure.

As we entered the store, there was a bin full of costumes.

Scandalously cheap.

I dug through it for a bit, and came out quite the victor.

2 star wars costumes for less than the material needed to make them.  I call that a score!

The kids have happily been playing in them all day.  Keith is Captain Rex, and Faye is Yoda, of course.  I love dress up play.  They say the funniest things, and play so nicely together when they dress up.

Faye has been making me laugh lately with the funny things she says.  She is a regular question asker, and I think sometimes she asks questions just for the sake of asking a question.

"Mom, what does 'why' mean?"
"What does 'does' mean?"

Questions like that.  Difficult to answer, and even mores so, because I know she already knows the meaning of it.

One day, after about thirty of her questions, I turned to her and asked,

"What does Faye mean?"

Without missing a beat, she responded with a dazzling smile and her biggest hug,

"Faye means love!"

I laughed and hugged her back, and pondered on how she hit that right on the nose.  She is the most loving and social little girl I have ever met.

A while back Jeffrey and I were talking about something.  I don't even remember what it was.  We were sitting on the bed, Beth was sleeping in her bassinet, and Faye was at the foot of the bed, laying on my legs.  I said "Dibs on that!" to whatever it was we had been talking about. Immediately, Faye innocently asked,

"Who is Dib?"

Jeffrey and I laughed for quite a while with that.  That silly Faye-girl.


Emmy said…
Okay I still can't get over that last picture, so magical! That is too funny, what is a dib? :)

Score on the costumes!!
Susan Anderson said…
I used to love all those questions...and trying to come up with answers to them.


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