Monday, November 4, 2013

Breathe Deep

Oh what a day!

Having Keith in half day kindergarten which is 20 minutes away sometimes makes for an interesting morning. Also, his school is right by my favorite grocery store, so I like to get my shopping done there while I am out there.  Because who likes to drive 20 minutes just to get groceries?  No one, that's who.  It's nice to kill two birds with one stone.

Today was no exception.  I dropped the boy off (did a mental high five because not only were we not late, we were actually early!), and then the girls and I ran some errands.  I figured we would just stay out there until it was time to pick him up two and a half hours later.

I was at the craft store, where I could easily and happily spend two and a half hours.  I had just picked out some fabric for some Christmas gifts I was making, and was getting it cut when my phone rang.

I answered it and when the lady on the other end said she was from Keith's school, my heart beat cold.  He had said he was feeling sick before we left for school, but it was said immediately following "I don't want to go to school today.  How come I have to go to school every day.  I'm tired of school!" so I didn't pay any attention to him saying he was sick.  But what if he really was?!

The lady continued to tell me she had Keith in the office with her

(my heart sank)

because it was an early out day.

What?!  Fridays are early out days, I thought.

The lady explained to me that because it was Parent Teacher Conferences, the kids get out early all week.  There was a paper sent home about it I should have gotten.  They supposedly sent out an email as a reminder so the parents wouldn't forget.

Apparently that didn't work as I had forgotten (never knew about) the early out.

And then waiting in line for my fabric and again to pay for the stuff was agony.  I felt so bad that my child was waiting in the office.  "Was he scared?   Did he wonder why I hadn't shown up to get him?  What a bad mother I was being!" were the thoughts which were playing tag in my mind.

I rushed out of the store, and over to his school.  I left the girls in the van and ran in to the office.  As I was entering the building I overheard a lady and little girl conversing.

"Sometimes Mommy forgets things, too, sweetie."
"But you shouldn't forget me"

I worried I would have that exact conversation with Keith.  I hurried past the mom and daughter and into the office.

Where I stopped and laughed.

The walls were literally lined with Kindergartners whose parents had forgotten about the early out.  There were a good fifteen kids in there, waiting for their parents.

I commented to the office ladies how much better I felt knowing I was not the only forgetful mother, took Keith's hand, and we hurried back to the van and the waiting girls.;

Keith didn't seem to mind in the least bit.  He chatted happily about his day, and I passed him a guilt treat.

It was a happy thing that I wasn't the only forgetful mother there as I think he would have taken it much harder.

After dinner tonight, I was up cleaning up the kitchen when I heard Keith yell, and then Jeffrey shouted up to me a few minutes later that I needed to come down immediately.  I dropped what I was doing and ran down the stairs, taking them two by three and jumping the last few.  Since I had heard Keith's shout and Jeffrey's immediate call for me, I worried something bad had happened.

When I arrived on the scene, I found Jeffrey, his hand resting comfortingly on Keith's back, and his eyes laughing while his voice seriously said "Keith got a Lego stuck up his nose."

Keith was in hysterics.  He was sobbing, and blowing his nose constantly.  One side was bleeding slightly, and the scared look in the boy's eyes went straight to my heart, though I carefully avoided Jeffrey's face as I could barely keep the giggles in.  How on earth had he gotten a Lego stuck up his nose?!

I instructed him to breathe deeply and calmly (for his benefit) but quickly went off in search of my tweezers. I found them and we got a mag light, but I couldn't see anything and didn't want to start digging around in his nose if I couldn't see what I was to be looking for.  I passed the tools over to Jeffrey and he couldn't see anything either.

Meanwhile, Keith was still sobbing, shaking, and blowing out his nose as hard as he could.  Snot was caroseling everywhere around him as he shook his head, breathing hard, and looked all around him.  With our voices steady, we kept telling him to calm down, which worked as well as telling the tide to stay put would ever work.

I called the doctor, but his office closed in ten minutes.

They suggested going to the emergency room, but when I told them I had no insurance, they suggested another pediatrician's office, or the instacare.

I called the pediatrician's office and was put on hold.  While I waited, I told Keith to get his shoes on. He found his shoes, sat down,

and took a deep calm breath.

He smiled.

He stopped crying hysterically.

He informed me the Lego was out.

Which is when I began to worry.

If it had left his nasal passages, shouldn't he have felt it leave?  Where could it have gone?  Jeffrey and I quizzed him for a few more minutes, became convinced it really was out, and then I hung up.

Now that he was calm, I asked him how on earth he got it stuck up his nose.

He explained.

I still don't understand.

The good thing, though, is no lego was ever actually stuck up his nose.

I found the supposed culprit during his hysterics.

We have laid down more ground rules for Lego playing.

I finished cleaning up the kitchen, and Keith continued building whatever it was he was building.

After the kids got their jammies on, I pulled out a new toy I had gotten at the store when I was running errands this morning.

Story cubes!

Keith and Faye love telling stories.  Especially making up their own.  I figured the cubes would be a lot of fun for them on long boring days.

I wish so much I had recorded Keith taking over the story I was telling him.  It was so fun for me to watch him take the groundwork of my story and transform it into something completely his own.  Eventually the character's names changed to "Legoless, Frodo, Bilbo, Smaug, etc.  But what can you expect from a six year old?

All in all, Keith ensured that nothing about today was humdrum.


Familia Morales said...

Oh, man!! That is quite the day. I don't know whether to laugh or to just feel really tired. Those hum-drum days are going to be in short supply.

Amy said...

Agreed! But I think I prefer it that way. Excitement is okay as long as there are a few (very few) monotonous days inbetwen.

Emmy said...

Oh phew, glad you didn't have to take him to the doctor and that it wasn't stuck.
Don't feel bad about forgetting him, every Monday here is early out day and last year I forgot on a Monday once and the office had to call.

Emmy said...

Oh phew, glad you didn't have to take him to the doctor and that it wasn't stuck.
Don't feel bad about forgetting him, every Monday here is early out day and last year I forgot on a Monday once and the office had to call.