Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Birthday #1

Last Wednesday was Keith's birthday.  He turned 6.  All he wanted for his birthday was the Lego Batman 2 game for the Wii.  That was all.  Every time we went to the store he would remind me, and then commence to get angry because I kept telling him I would not buy his birthday gift in front of him.  Silly boy.

He also wanted a Mine Craft birthday cake.  Wednesday turned into a very busy day, and so making his cake didn't exactly work out, but he wasn't too upset as he designed his cake.

and got to eat frosting as we made the cake.

He had a very hard time waiting all day for his presents, but was appeased by a homemade pizza.
The green olives on it were for me.  My favorite!

And then we opened gifts and had cake.

On Saturday, Jeffrey arranged for some people to meet up and play Laser Tag with Keith as that was his activity of choice.  Since Beth couldn't go into play Laser Tag with us, I stayed home and worked on his Mine Craft cake to share with friends.

It was a lovely birthday for him.  Just what he ordered.
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