A Letter To Keith

Dear Keith,

     You turned six last Wednesday, and I can't believe how time has flown.  The day you were born was so surreal, and it was the best gift I have ever received, bringing you home from the hospital on my birthday.            Since you came into my life you have been a challenge and a joy, continually teaching me.  This year you are in kindergarten, and it has never been more evident what a homebody you are.  You love school, you just don't like to leave in the mornings.  You would prefer to stay home and be in your "soft pants" all day long, playing legos, playing with Faye, writing stories, drawing, painting, and playing video games with your dad.  Despite this love of the indoors, you are slowly begining to enjoy the outdoors.  It makes me happy to see how much you are enjoying jumping on the trampoline, climbing the dwarf apple tree, and especially reading beneath the trees.

     I have loved watching you grow these six years, seeing the boy you have become.  I have never in my life seen a brother be so good to his sisters as you are.

 You are so patient and kind to them, always happy to help them when I ask you to.

You love Faye so much, and it swells my heart with joy to see how the two of you are such deep friends. You amaze me over and over with what a great brother you are.
     You have such a profound and tender heart.  You can't stand to see someone hurting or sad.  You are a very mellow boy on the exterior, but you are deeply passionate and obstinate, just like I always was.
     You are one of the most creative and imaginative boys I have ever encountered.  When you play a part, you play the whole part, even down to the dressing up.  You amuse me with your different characters.  You have been the Doctor,

a detective,

 a scientist,
Fred and George Weasley, all of the Avengers, Spider Man, Batman, an archaeologist,

Clyde (from Bonnie and Clyde)
a ninja

a centurion...
and the list goes on.  You spend hours in imaginative play with your sister.
     You have such a joy for learning, and your teacher told me you are at the top of your class.  When I brought treats to your class, I was impressed with how good you were in school.  You were always on task, and doing what your teacher asked.  I stood in the back of the classroom and noticed how nearly every other kid in the class turned to stare at me for a minute, even the kids at your table.  You didn't notice I was there until your teacher dismissed you to get your bag from your locker.  Even then, you nearly walked past me without recognizing me, you were so on task.  When you have a goal to work towards, you have a tenacity that is truly impressive.  Dad challenged you to be able to count up to 50, and recognize all the numbers up to 50 and in return, you would get a new lego set.
We expected it to take at least a week, but you worked hard all day and within that day you reached your goal and earned your lego set, surprising both your father and me.  I ask myself daily what it was I did to get such a good boy.  Your goodness and persistence impresses and amazes me.

     You make me laugh. every. single. day.

Today while I was driving you to school, you told me that right now you love me more than dad.  Because when you have bad dreams I let you come snuggle with me until you feel better, and then I walk you to your room, holding your hand through the dark hall, and tuck you in again, all safe and snug.  Dad just rolls over to make a spot for you in the bed.  I love that you still want to snuggle with me.  That you call my cell phone from the house phone to ask me out on a date.  I love that you dance with me, and that you are always eager to play the games I make up.

     Keith, you made me a mother, which was fulfilling my life-long dream.  I literally thank God every day for you in my life.  I love you so much, and am so happy for you in your sixth year on this earth.  I can't wait for every second I get to spend with you!



Susan Anderson said…
What a treasure this is and will be for him in the future!

I love that pic of him holding the baby.

Happy birthday, Keith!


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