The Bearded Lady and Other Gems

**I woke up this morning to a clicking noise.  It took me a full minute before I realized it was my teeth chattering.  It was cold!  I was happy I had had the foresight to dress Beth extra warm last night and put two blankets on her instead of the customary one.  I snuggled in to Jeffrey, oh so grateful for having my own personal furnace in my bed.  I sighed deeply and let sleep wash over me again.

And repeat.

Several times last night.

Glory be, it is finally Autumn!

When it was time for me to get out of bed, I reluctantly left the friendly comfort of my bed and ventured into the cold air to get ready for the day.  I stepped into the shower, and it was even better than my bed!  Aside from the bit about having to be awake, and upright.  But the warmth washing over me, the cold swirling around, making friends with the heat and creating a lovely steamy warmth.

I live for mornings like these.  If Beth had her own room, we would be sleeping with bigger and fluffier blankets and the window open.  Just to get that delicious spice apple scent that is standard for fall nights. The dreams that accompany that incredible smell and feel are some of the best of the year.

What a great way to start a morning, right?  Add to that porridge, tea and toast for breakfast.  Yum!

**After school, I was trying to get lunch made.  Beth was crying from her chair.  She was hungry too and wanted to be held.  Faye was crying because I had just told her to come in as the neighbor was being mean to her.  Keith was hovering near my elbow, asking when I was going to be finished making his lunch.  The chaos was making it difficult for me to think.  So I sent Keith to the living room and asked him if he could hold Beth while I finished making the sandwiches.
It was the first time Keith had held Beth since coming home from the hospital.

It really made me happy to see him loving on her.  Especially since he doesn't count her as a part of our family.  When he has to count how many are in our family he says 4.  He told me once Beth turns 1, then he will start counting her.  Until then, she isn't a part of our family.

But he really is so good with calming her down when we are in the car.  He is so sweet and tender with her.  He sings a little song he made up, so softly and sweetly.  She nearly always stops crying to listen because he is so gentle about it.  He doesn't sing louder when she cries, he just keeps on singing, persistently and patiently, and she eventually stops crying.  I love that about him.

**Jumping back to yesterday, Faye was in high heaven because she and Beth wore matching shirts.

Its the little things, people.

**As I was cleaning up the kitchen, she sat at the table drawing a picture for me.  When she finished she brought it over to me.

"Is that me?" I asked.

She looked at me as if I had just asked if she ate purple frogs.

"No, Mommy, it is a boy girl.  See?  She has a beard!"

I laughed and apologized.  Of course now I could tell there was a beard.  I just wasn't looking at it right before.

**Keith told me he wants to be sick and Faye was lucky because she had been sick earlier in the week.  Crazy boy.  I asked him why on earth he would want to be sick and he responded "Because when you are sick you have to stay home.  You can't go out anywhere.  That is so lucky."  He is such a homebody!


Lisa said…
Holy adorable! Matching shirts! I hate that Sara is out of the toddler clothes because we v can't find matching clothes as easily. And what a sweet moment with Keith and Beth. How sad thhes that he doesn't count her in the family yet! But still such a sweet tender spirit he is! Sorry for all typos-my phone is being silly!
*Jess* said…
your kids are so cute and sweet! :)
Susan Anderson said…
Cracks me up that Keith isn't going to count her until she turns one.

Such a funny kid, he is.


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