Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 19th

 It seems I spend a lot of time feeding Beth, which takes away from the bigger kids.  To compensate, we generally do Keith's homework while I am rendered immobile.

Thursday was a typical homework time.  Keith was coloring a picture, Faye was dictating which color should go where, and I was flipping through a magazine.  I came across an article on palm reading, and so read Keith's palm.  Interestingly enough, it was spot on with him!
When I finished reading his palm, he said "Let me see your elbow."
"Why?" I asked suspiciously.
"Because I can read it.  I really know how!"
I humored him and offered my elbow.  He rubbed his little boy fingers over my elbow "Hmmm-ing" and "aaah-ing" for a few moments.  Finally he anounced in an authoritative voice

"You have a good life.  You are mostly happy, but you get upset at your kids too much."

I laughed gave him a hug and told him I would work on not getting upset as much.

Faye, not wanting to miss out on the fun leaned over Beth who was still eating and said while stroking her head
"I can read Beth's head!"

We all laughed at that one, and then the kids got interested in something else, and Jeffrey got home.

Which was perfect.  Because Thursday was an important day.

First off, it was some of the most gorgeous weather of the season to date.  The sun was golden and warm, but the air was crisp and chill and pronounced.  A day for Cosby sweaters, corduroy, cider and a good book beneath a grand old tree.  It was a day for open windows and snuggles with little ones.
Second off, it was Jeffrey and my first date since Beth was born.

Third off,  it was also our Mockaversary.  My favorite day of the year.  The day I had always dreamed of getting married on, but that just wasn't in the plans.  And so, we celebrate our anniversary twice a year. Once now, and once on our actually anniversary.

We went to The Brick Oven and I loved it, though Jeffrey was only mildly impressed.  But that is because he didn't get what I suggested.  It is a well known fact that when he orders what I suggest, he loves it.  When he orders what looks good to him, he ends up not liking it.  Only twice has that not been the case, and we have been together for seven years.  It was an interesting dinner, though.  I had tried to time it right, but half way into our meal Beth needed to eat.  So I fed her at the table.

I have never done that before.  With this baby I am much more comfortable with things like that than I was with Faye.  Perhaps out of necessity.  But it wasn't bad.  I didn't get disapproving looks or anything, happily.
And then we ran some errands.  Jeffrey really wanted to get Keith some more Legos, and Faye a princess dress, so off to Target we went.

Because Target is the date night hot spot around here.

It was a lovely day all wrapped up with the soft ribboning glow of the full moon peeking over the mountains as we drove home with our delightful little family.


Susan Anderson said...

I eventually started feeding at the table, too. I got sick of missing every meal!

Lots of good stuff here. Sounds like life (along with the weather) is treating you well.


Lisa said...

I've even gotten so brazen as to not worry if I forget the blanket when I nurse (but only at home). Although that won't be a problem now because it's so darn cold. And how fun to have 2 anniversaries!!! I would LOVE that! :)