Reading Dilemma

I am a chronic reader.

To the point it is a problem.

When I was in school and would be given a book to read for the term, I would take it home and read the whole thing that day.  I would then read the book again, as a refresher, the night before the test.  The world stands still (or should) while I read.  I literally can't do anything until my book is finished.

I am a glutton for books.  I can't take them in small portions, I must consume them, whole, immediately.

Which is causing me serious pain right now

I am reading with Keith every day.  His homework is to read with someone for twenty minutes a day.  Obviously I have a hard time keeping with that time allotment.  I am so glad he can't really tell time yet, and I can stretch the 20 minutes into an hour or so.  

We are currently reading Harry Potter book 2.  We are nearly finished with it. And this brings me to my problem. 

I don't read books in little increments.

*Spoiler!* (If you haven't read this book, shame on you.  You deserve to have it spoiled!)

When we finish a chapter, I want to keep reading.  We just found out Moaning Myrtle was the girl killed by the creature in the Chamber of Secrets.  Right when we learned that, Keith asked if it had been twenty minutes yet.  I sighed and grudgingly admitted it had.  I then tried to convince my five year old that we should keep reading and just finish the book tonight as we are so close.  We are on page 283 and there are only 339 pages in the book.  We could finish it easy tonight.  Didn't he want to know what happened next?

He said no, and went off to play Mine Craft. 

I was a little disappointed, but boys will be boys.

And now I am faced with my problem. 

Do I sneak read the rest of the book without him?  Even though I have read it at least five times already, I still am dying to read the rest.  But if I do read it without him, I know I will get bored reading it out loud to him again.  But that could be a good thing, because then I would be more willing to stop at the twenty minute mark instead of going on and reading for an hour with him when he only wants to be there for the twenty minutes.  But then, I want him to enjoy the time, and this book is so fun to read with him, and as soon as we finish it, we get to start on book three, which is my favorite of all the Harry Potter books, and I am so excited for that...

*Deep breath.*

And so, I am stuck.

I am trying so hard to not read it without him.

I guess this just means I need to find my own book to read.

I just finished the Anne of Green Gables books again.

Any suggestions of books that I can read so I don't want to rush Keith through his book?

Although, let's be honest, I will still want to finish his book, distracting me with a new book wont lessen that desire.  It will just make it easier for me to withstand.

I love that I love reading, but it can really get in the way sometimes.  Sheesh!


Familia Morales said…
Oh, Amy! That's exactly how I remember you from school. Nose always in a book! I have a huge book list from my book worm friends. Send me your e-mail address and I'll pass it on to you.
P.S. I'm reading Anne of Green Gables for the first time ever. I'm getting close to the end, but have to admit, it's one of those books that I have no problem putting down when I need to.
Chantel said…
I love reading and Anne of Green Gables. It' s why I have an Avenley, lol
Emmy said…
I am the same way, if I get sucked into a book I can hardly do anything until I finish it... though I also do the same thing with some silly games on my iPad. Good thing I don't drink I think I would be an alcoholic for sure! :)
Susan Anderson said…
I am the same way. I have a serious reading problem. And I did exactly the same thing in school.


PS. A new author I've found and liked is Georgia Bockoven. You might like Karen White's books, too. And Kristin Hannah is a favorite of mine. And have you read all of Rosamunde Pilcher's books? And her son, Robin Pilcher, has a couple of good ones, too. And anything by Mary Stewart as well. I'm also sure you would LOVE Georgette Heyer...sort of like Jane Austen with a lot less gravitas and more humor.

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