A Typical Day in the Making

I check the weather every morning before getting out of bed.

I do this mainly because Keith is crazy.  He hates long sleeves.  He refuses to wear them so I have finally just stopped buying them for him.  If he gets cold he puts on a jacket and I don't have to worry about the every day fight with him.  Because of this, I have to be very attentive to the weather, knowing whether or not I need to send him to school with a jacket.

Looking ahead and seeing it is going to be rather chilly this week, I panicked a bit and rushed to the store to buy him and Faye a winter coat.

I am a big cheater when I buy coats.  I buy them a size too big, which means they could possibly get three years worth of wear out of them.  One with them way too big, one with them fitting just right, and possibly, one with them a little short on the sleeves, but nothing gloves can't fix.  Nothing worse for the wear.  See? Sneaky, aren't I?

The kids are ready for snow now.

Keith, the boy who hates long sleeves and would go outside in a blizzard in a tank top just out of defiance, has been wearing his coat around the house all day.  Guess how cold it is outside right now?  

77 *F.  Yup.  My boy is crazy.

In other news, having their room re-organized is really paying off.  A long time ago I begged my artist mother in law to draw some pictures for me to hang in their room.  This she did, and I finally got them hung yesterday.

This morning when the kids got out of bed, they immediately referred to the pictures on what to do in the mornings.  As I scurried around doing the typical morning things I could hear them talking.

"First we get dressed." Faye said.

"No Faye," Keith corrected her, "First we make our beds, then we get dressed."

"Well I am going to get dressed and then make my bed." Faye defiantly countered.

"We don't have any toys to pick up and put away.  Mommy did that yesterday." Faye informed her brother.

"Don't forget to say your prayers!" Keith reminded.

It made me happy to see that it actually worked!  Granted, it may wear off soon, but I will take the excitement to do morning chores as long as I can.

 I will post pictures of my mother in law's drawings tomorrow. The kids just barely went to sleep and I don't want to risk waking them. 


*Jess* said…
visual schedules are awesome! And I guess he liked his coat!
Lisa said…
Visual schedules - something we need in our house. I have a hard time enforcing things and remembering EVERYTHING we need to do in the mornings (or all day for that matter). And how funny that Keith is wearing his coat all the time!

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