Circle Bomber and Ice Cream Cake

 Tuesday night I was sitting in the kitchen with Faye, working on a project when I had a sudden realization.

This Sunday (meaning today) was going to be Fast Sunday.  Which is the day babies are typically blessed.

I talked to Jeffrey and we decided we would have Beth blessed this Sunday.

And so all week was spent with me scurrying around, trying to get everything that we needed.  I wanted to use the darling dress we used for Faye, but it is in a box somewhere.  So I had to find a new one for Beth. She needed some tights, and I needed to get the food prepared as well as everyone invited.  Which is what I did all week.

Last night at 10:30 I finally started making the food.  

Procrastinators unite! (fist pump in the air)

This morning was the typical mad rush to get everyone ready for church and on time.

But, as is typical, we were five minutes late.

Its a good thing there was another baby blessing this morning as they blessed that one first.

And then it was Beth's turn.

Jeffrey and his dad and brothers went to the front.  My dad and our friend Shem joined them.

And then some guy neither of us know joined the circle.

It was a lovely blessing.  She hiccuped through the whole thing.

When they all came back and sat down, I asked Jeffrey who that guy was.

He didn't know.

I have never heard of anyone crashing a blessing circle before.

We are both very confused, still. I think it was a guy in our ward, but neither of us know him.  In fact, I don't think we even know his name.

Weird, right?

Afterwards, we all went to my parent's house for the food I had prepared the night before.  Thank you crock pot!

We had chili and discussed a few different chili cook offs.  And guess what I learned?  In two or three chili cook offs, the winner had been a can of Nally's chili.  Weird, right?  I was thinking of entering my white chili, but am not having second thoughts and thinking of entering the Nally's, just to see if it would actually win.

For dessert, my mom pulled out an ice cream cake.

A cake pan, full of ice cream.  Get it?  An ice cream cake!  




Since it is my beautiful niece's birthday today, and she is in Hawaii, we skyped her, sang happy birthday to her, blew out the candles for her, and tucked into the cake, all while making her watch.  
We sure miss her.

Turns out, there was actually cake hidden beneath that layer of ice cream in the pan.  It just didn't look like it. 

What a wonderful Sabbath, if I do say so myself!


Crystal Collier said…
Aw! She so cute.

Interesting--the whole circle thing, but hey, you have to allow everyone the opportunity to participate, eh?

All this talk of icecream... Where's my spoon?
Emmy said…
That is so weird that that guy came into the circle. I wonder if he thought maybe you didn't have a ton of people so wanted someone else? Not sure but that sure is weird.

Love her dress and glad everything worked out.
Susan Anderson said…

A circle crasher.

That tickles me, somehow.


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