Back To School Feast Fail.

Tomorrow is the first day of school.

We put the kids down for bed at 7:30.

It is nearly 10:00 and I can hear Faye still complaining about not wanting to sleep.  She said she wants to exercise.  Silly girl.

I was grateful for the extra week to prepare for our First Day of School Feast.

But I didn't do anything to prepare, as is my procrastinating custom.  

I kept saying I would do it later.

That is the lovely thing about later, it never comes.

The sad thing about later, is nothing ever gets done, as it never comes.

Because of that, I had to do a lot of last minute running around to get things prepared.  I was trying to find a certain poster and decided to make a quick run to Deseret Book as they were certain to have what I wanted.  

As I was heading to the store, singing at the top of my lungs, I learned the importance of the horn, which I never use.  Sure wish I had used it today, though.

I had slowed down for a changing light (it had been red but had just changed to green) when someone decided to change lanes.  I saw him check his blind spot and then turn into me.  Again, we were going very slow, which is a blessing.  My door got a nice dent in it.  But the van still runs, the doors still open, and no one was hurt.  

But a dent was certainly put in my mojo, as well as the van.

I did finish running my errands (not finding what I was after, but what can you do when you wait 'till the last minute?) and then went home and inadvertently discovered my stress relief food.

The m&m ice cream sandwich.  Yum.

Jeffrey offered to make dinner, and I fed the baby and ate ice cream sandwiches.  Not realizing that was a stress reaction until I ran out of them.  

I am hoping I can get everything together and nice for our late Back To School Feast. To be held on Friday.

One of the things distracting me from preparing for this Feast was the imminent departure of my niece.  She went to BYU Hawaii early this morning.  Gonna miss her.  I am sure she will have a lot of fun and possibly learn a little bit.  It was lovely to see my family, though.  I sure love them a lot and don't see them nearly often enough as all my siblings live so far away.  

We also got to celebrate my niece and nephew's birthdays.

As we were leaving, my nephew Matt found an injured bird and tried to fix it.  He did his best, but it still died.  So sad.
And then, those little ones of mine have been keeping me busy.

Mostly this one.

Faye still adores her.
And Keith is still not showing any sign of caring at all. 

But, tomorrow is a big day, and I am not looking forward to juggling Keith's new schedule with Beth's feeding/sleeping schedule that I still haven't quite figured out yet.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I can figure this thing out soon.


Lisa said…
Sad day! But feast on Friday will be epic, I'm sure!
Emmy said…
You will get it figured out- school is always such an adjustment at first but soon it will just seem normal.
So sorry about the accident, not fun at all. Glad your door is still able to open though.
At least it wasn't your fault!
I kept saying my minivans were cursed.
Susan Anderson said…
Drag about the car, but as you say, at least it still runs and no one was hurt.


PS. Cute pic of the sistahs!
Jenny said…
Thank goodness you're okay!

Keith will come around!

I bet that's hard right now, though, for all of you!

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