A la Dick and Jane

What seems like forever ago I asked my mother in law to draw some pictures for me, ala Dick and Jane.  I figured the kids needed a little help remembering what they needed to do in the mornings before breakfast.  She finished them a long time ago, a few months later I got them put into frames, and then, a few months after that (this week) I got them hung up in the kids room.  I absolutely love them!

We Get Dressed by Ourselves
  Keith loves his pajamas.  He wears the pj pants all day and calls them his lounge pants.  There have been a few days where I didn't want the fight, and he ended up wearing his pajamas for two days straight.  And to sleep in.  So, he needed a little reminder.

We Put Away Toys
 This is every mother's fight, isn't it?  Getting their kids to pick up after themselves.

Don't Forget to Pray
With the hustle and bustle of the morning, it is so easy for my kids to forget to say their morning prayers.  This lovely little reminder has become invaluable as they are actually remembering a bit more than normal.  Win!

We Make The Bed
This morning as we were rushing out the door for school, Keith was dawdling.  I told him to hurry up, and he said "But Mom, I didn't make my bed yet.  I have to make my bed before school!"

I wish I could have let him go back and make his bed, but since we have been late three times already this week, I didn't want another tardy for him.  But the fact that it is working makes me over the moon happy!

Just a gentle little reminder can work wonders, it seems.

Thank you, Chris, for the wonderful pictures!


Lisa said…
Those are so cute! Love them!
Lisa said…
Those are so cute! Love them!
*Jess* said…
your mom is so talented! And my kids do better with a visual reminder, too!
Susan Anderson said…
Wow, she's good. Love these!


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