Monday, August 5, 2013

The Red Spot

Because I know there are or will be questions, and people are mostly too polite to ask, I feel the need to explain.

 My Beth is perfect.  She is beautiful and so sweet tempered and just a joy to be around.

But with all babies, there is always an element of worry which encases that little bundle of love.  When Beth was born, she had some red spotting on her face, and her eye was rather swollen.  Jeffrey and I chalked it up to the delivery.  When Faye was born she was purple from head to toe.  Not purple as in she wasn't breathing, but purple as in a nice lavender color that looked gorgeous with her pink nightgown.  The coloring stayed for three days, and then she turned slightly yellow (jaundice) and then to the normal chubby pink of any healthy baby.  When Keith was born, he was first grayish, then bright red (seriously, summer garden tomatoes were being rivaled with his coloring), then blue (he had a rocky birth, and stopped breathing a few times), then really yellow (his jaundice was more severe than Faye's), and then the normal pink of babies.

So, with Beth's redness, we figured it was probably something just from her birth.  

Later that day, the pediatrician came by and told us it was Hemangioma, which is a growth of too many of the blood vessels being too close to the skin's surface.  She told us that we would need to take Beth to an ophthalmologist, and a dermatologist.  The ophthalmologist because the pressure placed on the retina of the eye by the rogue blood vessels could cause permanent eye damage, possibly resulting in blindness.  There are laser treatments that could be done to fix it, but we needed to speak to those two specialists as soon as possible.

Hi, I just had a baby.  Give me something tragic to worry about, okay?  Good idea.

Honestly, though, I didn't worry about it as much as Jeffrey did.  In the back of my mind I decided to consult my brother, the doctor, before I really took what she said as the gospel truth.  

The next morning, a different pediatrician came in and looked at her.  He said he didn't agree with the first, and thought it was nothing more than a port wine stain.  One of those lovely red birthmarks that some people (Gorbachev) have.  Something she would most likely sport for the rest of her life.  But it had no residual effects. 

We felt a little better about that, but I still wanted to talk with my brother.  She had her two day appointment later that day, so we would get to have a tie breaker opinion as to what was on Beth's face.  

We took her to our family doctor, he looked her over, sat down and looked at us.

"So, you were told it is either Hemangioma, or a port wine stain.  There is a third option no one mentioned to you, which I think is the most likely." He paused.  Jeffrey and I were holding our breath, bracing ourselves for the bad news which would inevitably follow.  

"Babies sometimes are in a position in the womb where there is prolonged pressure applied somewhere on their body, resulting in a red swollen spot.  This spot usually goes away in a couple of months.  Now, it could be Hemangioma, but that wouldn't explain the swelling in her eye.  It could be port wine stain, but that wouldn't explain the swelling of her eye.  If she had her hand there for a long time, it would explain the swelling.  I don't think you have anything to worry about.  If it isn't gone by six months, we can look into other options, but I am fairly certain that it will fade and go away soon."


It turns out, after hearing our doctor's opinion, I no longer felt the need to call my brother, the doctor. Thinking about it, it all made sense.  Beth constantly has her hands up by her face.  We have to watch her, or her fingers will be in her eye.  Specifically the side that is all red and swollen.  

I love our doctor. 

And not just because he saved us a lot of heartache.

I need a non-alarmist kind of doctor because I am an alarmist kind of mom.

So, for now, Beth has a beautiful red/pink spot around her eye and on her cheek.

And I just discovered today, she also has the sweetest dimple on her cheek as well!  I have been trying to get a picture of it since I noticed it, but her smiles, though frequent, are fleeting right now.

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