The Announcement (Part Two)

This is part two of Beth's Story.  If you missed Part One, go here

Once I was past the miscarry danger, I decided it would be nice to announce my pregnancy.  But April 1st was so close, I thought it would be a clever prank to announce then.  Because everyone pulls that prank, but it wouldn't be a prank, it would be real!  How funny, I thought.

And April 1st came and went.  I was so busy that day, I forgot to even get on the computer.  I don't remember a thing we did, I just remember laying down that night and remembering I hadn't pulled my prank. How sad.

And then a great idea came to me.

Because I love pranks.

Why not wait until the birth of the baby to announce my pregnancy?!  Wouldn't that be funny and a shock to people?!

So I went with it.  I loved running into people and seeing the shocked look on their faces when they saw how big I had gotten.  

I hated when I was past 6 months and people would be surprised when I told them I was expecting and they would say "Oh?  I couldn't even tell you are pregnant."  I hated it because all the weight I had just lost had come back with a vengeance, and by 6 months, I was back to my pre-gym size.  How could they not tell?  Did they think I had just gone on a doughnut binge???

Once the heat of summer hit, the internal heater kicked on.  Typical.

I have been pregnant in the summer heat before.  Keith was born in October and Faye was born in November.  When I was pregnant with Keith, though, it snowed on October 2nd.  With Faye, I remember going into the hospital with no coat, not even needing one, but when I came out, new baby in hand, I desperately needed a coat.  I had been pregnant through the summer before.

But there is nothing compared to this heat.  I had no idea how hot it actually gets being in the final stages of pregnancy rather than the middle.

It was hot. .

I had a few close calls with heat exhaustion, just from sitting in the car with the engine off for a few minutes while I waited for my food.  Or while baking.  Funny how quickly the heat can take over.  I never really knew.

And then the waiting game began.  

I figured she (the baby) would come early.  Keith was early.  Faye was early.  Why wouldn't this one be early?  Also, I have an awesome birthing body.  Pregnancy is no fun, but I can pop those babies out like it is no one's business.  Keith, with an epidural was 4 hours, start to finish.  Faye with no epidural was an hour, start to finish.

I got this.

I did get tired of people asking when I was due, because I honestly didn't know.  My midwife had said August 8th.  But with my track record, I just told people the end of July.  I was always evasive, because really, unless you schedule an induction, who can tell when the baby will come?

I went in to my appointment at 35 weeks, and my cervix was checked.  Mainly because my midwife knows my history of delivering early.  She was surprised and told me I was dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced.  

I wasn't surprised at all.

She instructed me to not go more than 30 minutes from the hospital area, as she worried my water would break and I would deliver the baby in the car on the side of the freeway.  Valid concern, I thought.

She said if I am dilated past a 6 at my appointment the next week, she wanted to break my water because anything past a 5 is considered active labor, and again, she worried I would have the baby in the car on the side of the road.

Jeffrey and I talked about it, and decided it would depend on how far dilated I was at the next appointment. If I was up to an 8 (which is where I was and didn't know it with Keith when I went in for my appointment, my doctor freaked out and sent me to L&D), we would let her break my water.  If not, I might just go home.    I would be at 36.5 weeks, which is exactly where Keith was when he was born, and he couldn't quite breathe on his own and spent 4 days in NICU.  We didn't want to repeat that, so would try to keep the baby in as long as possible.

And so the next week was spent with me trying to take it easy and not do anything that would help this baby come any sooner.  

I shouldn't have worried so much.  My next appointment said I was 4 cm and 75% effaced.  I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed.  Patience is a virtue I lack.  And being able to prepare for things is something I have a strong desire to do.  We were ready for her to be born.  

The next week I went in for my appointment and there was no change.  

And then one day my tooth broke.  It was actually my filing which had somehow broken off, but that meant a trip to the dentist, who was on the opposite end of the valley.  All went well with the visit and no baby.  Which was good, because it was so far away from the hospital where I planned to deliver.  I went in for my next appointment and again, there was no change.

Again, I am not a patient person, so these past few weeks were killing me!  My midwife began to talk about scheduling an induction if I wanted as I would be 39 weeks at my next appointment.  But I sort of have a pride thing about going natural.  I didn't want to be started.  I wanted my body to just go on its own.  It was a huge stressor to me, though it needn't have been.  But pride usually is an unnecessary stress in most people's lives.

And then, Monday night, she decided to make her debut.  


Abhore the idea of induction. Let baby come when baby is ready! So much easier on baby and mommy.
(I'm a quick laborer, too.)
And I was completely shocked. Read back through your blog wondering how I missed it!!
Crystal Collier said…
Aw. I feel so lame that I missed your big announcement, but what a beautiful story! I'm so glad everything is well, and she's healthy. She's gorgeous, Amy.
Noodle said…
CONGRATS!!! So happy for you guys =) And kutos to you for being able to keep her a surprise to us all =) (I suck at keeping my own secrets too!!!)
Chantel said…
I wondered because of the tiredness and the anemia and was expecting a pregnancy announcement but this was better. I agree with the heat. I've always had winter babies and this summer baby about did me in. Our electric bill is never going to recover from running the AC so much!
Jenny said…
I've been to a surprise wedding but never a surprise baby!


Good for you!
Emmy said…
So crazy how early you were dilated so much but just stayed at that point for so long; it is good though as yea you don't want to have to do the NICU again.
Susan Anderson said…
I think it was really fun the way you announced Beth's birth.


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