Lazy days are sometimes the most productive.

Yes, I am aware of the glaring oxymoron, but it is true.

Last Thursday was just such a day.  I spent the morning caring for Beth.  You know, the gazillion diaper changes and feedings.  For some reason she seems to need more in the morning than she does in the afternoon.  By afternoon time, the kids were crawling up the walls.

I decided they needed a little more Mommy time than they had been getting.  So, we left Beth with my mother in law, and went to the store.  I let them each pick out one thing they wanted, and then we went home.

We set up camp beneath the apple tree, and while the children explored those beckoning branches, Beth and I got comfortable with the book, and the four of us began a magical journey into Surrey and the world of Harry Potter.
As I read, we watched the sky change from the sweaty blazing blue, into a dream inducing slate gray color. Leaves dropped and twirled around us, caught by the wind and waltzed across the yard.  Faye squealed that it was snowing leaves and did a happy dance nearly every time one landed on her.  Which was a lot as she was in the tree.

And so, with Dots, Red Vines, and Harry Potter, our afternoon was spent together, creating a bond and memories, and filling our heads with nonsense.  In the traditional sense of the word, I didn't get anything accomplished that day.  My list was dismal and daunting with not a thing crossed off it.  But it was such a productive day in the bonding with my children.

We stayed outside, reading, until my voice gave out.  Doing both Hagrid and Mr. Dursley's voice really does a number on the vocal chords.  One is deep and slightly raspy, the other is deep and angry sounding all the time.  I do the voices, or try to, so we weren't out there as long as I would have liked to be.

As we read, an occasional raindrop would taunt us, but we just ignored it and continued on until Jeffrey had come home and we could eat dinner.

As unproductive days go, that is probably one of my favorites!


Familia Morales said…
That sounds delightful! What a wonderful way to be productive!
Lisa said…
Beautiful day. And I'm sure your kids loved it!!
Em said…
girls are just sooooo fun to dress:) love the reading day.
Jenny said…
Snowing leaves!

I love this!

And that baby is getting more adorable by the second!
Susan Anderson said…
They are lucky kids! All of them.


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