And Then We Were Five

We are five.

It seems so weird to say that, and so wonderful at the same time.

Beth has been with us for a week now, and it seems weird to think of life without her.  Empty, somehow.  We needed her in our family.  I always marvel about how quickly these little ones can worm their way into our hearts, making the times before they were here seem wrong and incomplete.  Every time.

We have been adjusting to being five this past week, and it has been a bit of a rocky adjustment, though I think we are all doing much better.

When we first came home from the hospital a week ago tomorrow, Faye was out of control.  She was so excited to have a little sister that she could finally love and kiss and hold and hug and poke and smother.  She talked faster than the speed of sound, and acted as if her feet were on fire, she could not hold still at all.  She didn't want to leave the baby's side at all the first few days, and we were forced to set some ground rules to keep Beth safe.

  • No wrestling when the baby is in the same room
  • Use ninja feet when walking around or near the baby
  • No jumping near the baby.
  • When sitting down near the baby, sit softly, don't jump or bounce down.
  • When holding the baby, an adult must be near by at all times.
  • Don't touch the baby's face when she is sleeping
  • Always close Mommy's door when she is feeding the baby.
There were some others, but I can't really remember them.  They have helped a lot, though, those few ground rules.  We don't worry as much now with Faye.  She has calmed down a bit, though she still struggles with the attention diversion.  No longer is she the only cute little girl, and that has been a difficult transition with her.  She insists on people's full attention, to the point that she takes their face in her hands and will hold it in front of hers while she talks, that way they can't look away.  She had a few break downs, especially those first few days, where she cried and cried for Mommy time.  It broke my heart.  As soon as I possibly could, I gave Beth away and cuddled with Faye.  But it was never enough.  She had an insatiable thirst for attention and love.  Happily she seems to be doing so much better now.

It probably helped that Beth gave her brother and sister a present when she came home from the hospital.  Faye got a Rapunzel doll, and Keith got a Hobbit Lego game.  Since we just finished reading The Hobbit together (I say just, but it was more like 4-5 months ago) he was so excited for the legos and has basically spent the last week engrossed with them.  Same for Faye and her doll.  Them having something new has really helped with the lack of attention we are able to give them right now.

Each morning, though, Faye will come into my room so she can look at the baby.  

It is usually about an hour before I have to feed Beth again, so I tell Faye she is in charge (kids love the responsibility of being in charge) and she needs to keep the blankets away from Beth's face, and to come get me if she begins to cry. I then go take a shower.  I am rather proud of the fact that I haven't had to skip my shower yet!  By the time I am ready-ish for the day, it is time to feed Beth again.  Perfect system we have going here.  I just need to tweak it a bit so my older kids will actually get a decent breakfast.  I am toying with getting up with Jeffrey, just so I can be more present with my kids.  Maybe tomorrow if I can get to bed at a decent hour tonight.

Now, Keith has adjusted just fine to the transition with Beth.  Yesterday was the first time he really acknowledged her existence.  He was telling me about Mine Craft and the conversation shifted to his sister. She was straining her head around so she could look at him.  He said he has been too busy to play with her at all.  Then he went to the book shelf, pulled out a sensory book, and began to read to his sisters.  

They ate up every word and it was the sweetest thing ever to watch.  I am glad the transition has been easier for him.  He is such a great big brother.

My biggest struggle right now is dealing with all of the restrictions I have.  Not exercising is really hard for me as now that I have energy again, and I feel so much better, my body is screaming at me to get out there and sweat!  But I was told very strictly by the nurses and my midwife that I cannot until my 6 week check up.  Chances of hemorrhaging are too high and no one wants to see me back in the hospital.  Blech.  And the no more weight than 10 lbs for the same reasons means I cannot go anywhere basically until the restrictions are lifted because the car seat itself is 10 lbs.

We are all adjusting, I guess.  But seriously, so worth it!  She is just the sweetest little thing ever!


mub said…
With any luck the time will just fly by and you'll be out and about like normal =)

Congrats again! Babies are always so exciting. I don't blame Faye for going ga-ga over everything *L*
Chantel said…
What about post natal yoga? It's very light stretching and a lot of relaxing breathing. A real stress reliever and not strenuous enough to worry about hemorrhaging but just enough to feel like you've accomplished something. I have a very good video that I love but 4 kids is kicking my butt and I just never get to it. And my baby is fussy as all get out. Yeah there's that.
Emmy said…
So so sweet how he was reading to her!! How awesome that Faye is doing so good with her now too-- and yes they definitely just need some instruction and direction at first with the new ones
Susan Anderson said…
Hope you are fully healed soon so you can get back to normal.

My mom was so good at making me feel like I was her best helper with my sister. I watched over everything my mom did with the baby, and it made me love her so much.

Sounds like you are doing a terrific job.

Crystal Collier said…
My goodness, I remember that moment when we went from "kid" to "kids," but the difference between 4 and 5 was rather short lived here. (17 months between the youngests.) I love that your littles are excited. Enjoy them!

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