When did my children become allergic to sleep?

I was tired yesterday.  So very tired.  A nap sounded delicious so I put Keith and Faye down with bribes of ice cream with a cherry on top.  Beth was already asleep, of course.  I laid down with such a happy sigh.  My pillow was nice and cool, and I was able to close my eyes for a blissful five minutes before Beth woke up and needed to eat.  And then she had an appointment, so I completely missed my nap.  I was really sad.

Because the kids were already asleep, I left them home.

And that, I think, was the source of our problems.

Fast forward to that evening.  I had promised the kids ice cream, so I loaded everyone into the van, and we went to get half price shakes at Sonic.  Half price after eight.  Makes me happy.  They all had cherries on top.  Makes the kids happy.  We went home and I sent the kids outside so I could put Beth to bed, and then join them.

I joined them with a bunch of sparklers for us to light.

We ate our shakes and played with the sparklers while the sun sank behind the distant mountains.  The kids played on the trampoline a bit, 

and then Beth was hungry again, so we decided it was time to do bedtime.

This was around 8:30ish.

We read, brushed teeth, said prayers, and I tucked the kids into bed.

I did my nightly things, fed the baby again (every two hours is so hard, folks!) and was getting ready for bed when I made a startling discovery.  The kids were still awake!  I took away the lamps and discovered their light on five minutes later.  I turned off their light and threatened to remove the lightbulbs.  They opened their door and turned on the hall light.  Happily, there are two switches for the hall, so I put the one by my door half way, and that makes it so they yurn the light on.  So they turned the family room light on.  I did the same thing with the family room light.

Even without any light, they were still going strong.

At that point in time, I gave up.

I went to bed.

I figured they would eventually pass out.  I was on the verge of doing just that and had given up.  The kids won.

Three hours later I got up to feed Beth and checked on them.  They were asleep.

I breathed a sigh of relief, fed the baby, and went back to sleep.

And then, before it was time for Beth to wake up and eat again, I heard voices outside my window.

Adorable little voices that should have been laced with extreme exhaustion but were as bright and happy as the morning.  I smiled, fed Beth, and then she nestled down in my arms.

But what to do about those sleep deprived children of mine?!

I knew it was going to be a tantrum filled day.

Surprisingly, they were relatively good today with only a few meltdowns.  Yay!

But I was tired.  I was anxious for bedtime to come.

Knowing the kids were extremely sleep deprived, I decided to move bedtime up a bit.  6:45 we did the bedtime routine, and I sent them to bed, and then slipped out to get groceries.

An hour later, when I returned, I saw a light beneath their door.  I went in their room to turn it off, and their beds were empty.  Jeffrey had been at the computer doing homework and had no idea they were missing.

After searching the house, we found them jumping on the trampoline in the back.

How on earth were they able to do it?  I was so tired I was nearly falling over.  Here they were, running on six hours of sleep when they should be getting twelve and were putting the Energizer Bunny to shame.  After many more negotiations and arguments about it being bed time, they were finally in bed again.  I went in, sat on the floor, and pulled out our book and began to read.  After a few pages, Beth began crying, so I had to end there.

As far as I know (fingers crossed) they stayed in bed that time.

I am really hoping they stay asleep tonight.

Funny enough, tonight Beth seems to have caught the allergy.

Its okay.  When I got pregnant, I realized I most likely wouldn't get any sleep until October.

I have to admit, I am a little happy at Keith's morning person tendencies.

And it is all really quite funny, in a tired sort of way.

Give me two more nights of sleeplessness and I will be laughing hysterically about it.

The longer I go without sleep, the funnier things become.

I am slightly looking forward to October.  That month is going to be hilarious!


Chantel said…
My kids have been on a sleep strike all summer. School starts on Tuesday and I don't know what we're going to do.
Lisa said…
Why October? I'm glad school starts next week- they get so exhausted at school! :) but Emmy still thinks she should eat every 3 hours all night...
Emmy said…
That is so crazy! Hopefully it doesn't all catch up in a really ugly way in a few days. And you are tired as even though you are getting sleep it is interrupted sleep so it doesn't even really help you get rested.

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