While most stories must be told from the beginning, I cannot do that with this story.

It would take too long, and while I am never a fan of opening a book to the end to see if it is worth the read, (I don't trust people who do that.  It is the biggest kind of cheating) I have to tell the end of this story first.

But this kind of story must be spoiled and told ending first, as that is the very best part.

This is the story of my Beth.

Last night I stayed up late making a charm bracelet.

It was something I felt like I needed to do.  Because of that, though, I didn't get to bed until near midnight.

An hour later, I was awake because I had been dealing with a stomach ache all day, and it reached its peak shortly after midnight.

As I wearily laid my head on my pillow, so thankful for the softness, and eager to sink into sleep, I felt like something was not right.

I stood up to head back to the bathroom, and felt something tickling my legs.  I was all wet.  I hurried into the bathroom, and grabbed the Nitrapaper (it tests the acid in fluid... basically telling if it was amniotic fluid or not) and was thrilled when it showed a deep blue, which meant the liquid was amniotic fluid.  Yay!  That meant my water broke!  As I stood in a puddle that was ever growing, I just looked at the paper and let it all sink in.  And then I remembered Faye's birth.  From the time her water broke until she was born was one short hour.  I needed to hustle and get to the hospital!

I went back to our room and told Jeffrey to get his things, we needed to get to the hospital, stat!  He just looked at me in disbelief.  As if I would joke about something like that!  When he saw that I was gathering all of my things, he realized it was real and sprang out of bed.  It was kind of fun watching him rush around trying to get ready in his groggy state.

We gathered up everything, let his mom know we were leaving, and we hurried out the door.

It was a surprisingly calm trip to the hospital.  I wasn't having many contractions at all.  In fact, prior to my water breaking, I was convinced the baby had decided to never come out and had resigned myself to a life of itchiness, clothes not fitting, and being incredibly hot.  Oh the joys of pregnancy in the middle of summer.  I hadn't been having a lot of real contractions at all.  A few now and then, but nothing consistent, nothing to get my hopes up about progress.  I had been dilated to 4 centimeters for a month, and 75% effaced for just as long.  Things were not moving along.

We got to the hospital, checked in, and then did our best to convince the nurse that indeed, my water had broken.  I explained several times about the Nitrapaper, but for some reason, she didn't believe it was actually my water as I hadn't been gushing, nor had I leaked at all on the way up there, or when she checked me.  I don't know what it is about me, but I always get nurses who don't believe me!  She did let us stay, though, because she could see that I was having contractions, and they were coming more frequent, and I looked like I was in a lot of pain (because I was!).  And then our wonderful nurse walked in and took over and made everything better.

She checked me, and I had moved to a 5.  I was less than thrilled.  All of that pain and I had only moved one centimeter?!  I admit, I was becoming a little bitter at this point in time.  After a month of hoping my baby would come and her not coming, moving one centimeter had me a little cynical.  But then.

Oh then!

I progressed from 5 to 8 centimeters in 5 minutes.  And then I needed to go to the bathroom.  While I was in there, I felt like I needed to push.  I mentioned this through the door to my nurse, and she sort of panicked.  They called my midwife (who thankfully only lives 5 minutes away from the hospital) and told me to not push.  I went back into my room, knelt on the floor, and rolled around a little on a birthing ball.  It felt really good to be down like that.  When the surge would hit, Jeffrey and my nurse would apply counter pressure, and help me breathe through it.  A minute later I felt like I needed to push.  They helped me get into the bed, and told me not to push.  

Instinct took over mostly, and I pushed.  They warned me I shouldn't push until my midwife had arrived and suited up.  She was walking through the door at that moment.  I pushed anyway.  She checked me and said I was good to push, I had completely transitioned, and I laughed to myself, because they didn't know I had been pushing all along.  I couldn't help it!  I had tried to breathe instead of push, like they had advised me, but it was no use.  When the body says push, you push.  I just pretended to breathe.  Sorry nurse!

After about 5 minutes of approved pushing, my darling little Everly Beth was born at 3:42 am.  (I thought it was 2:42 and so told everyone that, but have since been informed it was actually 3:42) She was 7 lbs 15 oz and 20.5 inches long.  She is perfect.  But she was too cold.  They took her from me, and put her under a heat lamp.  I had dreamed of holding her immediately, snuggling, smelling and gazing into her face, but they said they needed to regulate her body temperature first.  

And then my midwife got a little worried about me.  Evidently I was hemorrhaging.  I was losing too much blood, too fast.  Poor Jeffrey, he didn't know where he needed to be.  With the baby who was too cold, or with his wife who was losing blood.  Happily, we were in the same room and we could both be worked on at the same time.  They fixed my hemorrhaging problem, and they warmed Beth up, and soon we were back to cuddling.  
We were both monitored closely the rest of the early morning hours, and were soon pronounced in the clear.

Jeffrey went home, got our kids, and brought them back to the hospital.  Keith just made me smile when he said "Mom, it isn't the same without you at home.  Its weird.  I don't like it."

Faye couldn't keep her hands off Beth, and Keith showed very little interest until it was time for them to go home, and then he asked if he could hold her.  He is such a sweet boy, and an amazing brother.

As they were walking out the door, he ran over to me and told me he wanted to give me a gift card.  I asked him to where the gift card would be, and he looked at me like I was crazy.  "To you, Mom.  I am going to mail it to you."  He is such a selfless little guy!

Ever since then, Beth and I have been trying to figure things out together.  I have been trying to feed her enough, and she has a ravenous appetite, so is trying to be as patient as any baby can until my milk comes in.
But oh, this one on one time with her is heavenly!

Funny enough, the bracelet I had made was a thank you gift for my midwife.

How funny that I would go into labor right when I finished making it for her.  I didn't take a picture, but I gave her a basket full of Reese's peanut butter cups, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, some lip balm, and the bracelet I had just completed.  She has been wonderful for all the years I have been seeing her, and I just wanted to thank her for being so great.

I have a few posts that tell this story from the beginning, starting back in November.  I will get them up as soon as I can find them and edit them.

It has been a wonderful journey, but I am so glad it is over and I have the reward in my arms!

Welcome beautiful Beth!


Xazmin said…
She is so, so beautiful! I'm not gonna lie, I got a little weepy reading this, reflecting back on my own recent delivery, while at the same time looking down at my all too quickly growing almost 6 month old!

I'm glad you are both doing well and am so very happy for you and your family!
Familia Morales said…
Oh, how lovely! That is the best kind of spoiler. Beth is beautiful! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story.
Emmy said…
This was totally a story that the ending could come first! Love it! And wow you really do go fast once you go. So happy she and you are both doing well. What an awesome present you gave your midwife!
Erika said…
She is beautiful!! I'm so glad you're both doing well. Did you take the Hypnobirthing class?
Lisa said…
You're awesome! Love you and her!
Em said…
i LOVE that you named her beth:) congratulations, so happy for you!!! amazing strong woman you are:)
*Jess* said…
Beautiful. Welcome to three!
Chantel said…
I love hearing birth stories!! She is darling. A future bride for Mathias maybe? They are only a few weeks apart!!!
Susan Anderson said…
=D =D =D

Little Beth is adorable.

Jenny said…
Oh Amy.

She is beautiful.

Just beautiful like her Momma!

Oh Amy!

Bless you sweet girl!

Hugs and hugs and hugs and hugs!
Myya said…
Ohhhh How I LArms ove LoVe A Baby Story. What A Great story &TheEnd, Your Sweet Little Lady, IsThe Perfect Ending. I Remember It BeingThe Best Feeling In The Whole WoRld HavingAll MyBabies In My Arms, I Couldn't WaitTo Have All 3 Of Them Together. God Bless Your Beautiful Family, I Am Sooooo Happy For You!!!

Not Sure What Is Up With The Capitalizing Of Every Word, Sorry About That, Dumb Smart Phone
Jenny said…
I just wanted to congratulation you again and tell you how BEAUTIFUL she is!

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