Saturday, July 20, 2013

Morning Lark

Jeffrey recently began a new schedule for work. A schedule where he has to get up no later than 5:30 in order to get there on time. 

He is not a morning person so this is very hard for him. I am not a night person but this is hard even for me. 

Most mornings he gets up and I stay in bed trying to get those last few minutes of sleep. 

As soon as Jeffrey leaves his spot in the morning, I become Germany, pouncing upon and invading Poland. His side of the bed never saw it coming.  And there I sprawl until I hear the kids and it is time to start the day for real.  

Yesterday morning began no differently. The alarm went off, Jeffrey slept through the initial beeping and then groggily got up. His side was vacant and so I invaded, sprawling across the bed, happily relaxed for what seemed like the first time that night. As he clunked around in the bathroom, I happily slipped back into the oblivious land of Nod. 

Happily dreaming, I heard a sweet little voice singing the ABCs.   I slowly regained consciousness, and rolled over to see the happiest sight ever. 

Precariously bouncing on the large exercise ball she had pushed up next to my bed was Faye, book on lap, singing so sweetly. 

She watched as I opened my sleep filled eyes, flashed me her biggest smile, and continued to read/sing. 

Best way to wake up, I do declare. 

She then climbed up onto my bed and continued to read to me for a good ten minutes. How can you not have a good day with a start like that?!
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