Filling The Blank Pages

Blank screen.

Black cursor blinking.

Thoughts all muddled about in my head.

This has been the norm for me.

Which is sad, because I love to write.

Getting busy seems to suck away time from the things I love to do, and by not doing those things, I succumb to feelings of being overwhelmed and drowning.

It is a vicious whirlpool that circles around my head and buries me.

Lest I sound depressed, let me clarify, we have been happily busy.

The kids have been wearing themselves out and sleeping soundly, which is exactly what we want.

It is too hot to sleep anymore.  I have been getting up increasingly early because I can't sleep.  Because of that, I have been getting a lot done.

I woke up around 5:30 on the 4th, and decided to just get up.  I got showered and ready for the day, and Keith wandered into the room around 6:30.  It was decided that the two of us would go out to breakfast.

It had rained during the night, and was simply beautiful.  The air was fresh and clean with that earthy just rained smell that is heavenly.  We went to our favorite breakfast place, which we go to only once a year.  The 4th, typically.

 It was so nice to spend time one on one with Keith.  Gosh, I love that boy.
 On the 5th of July, we decided to spend a little time in Salt Lake City.  There is a wonderful planetarium which keeps Keith happy much longer than it can entertain anyone else in the family.  But with the promise of playing in the fountains outside afterwards, Faye was coaxed into staying just a little bit longer.
 And then she found bars to hang from
 and Jeffrey commented on how easy it is to see how some people believe we come from apes, watching little kids with behavior like that.
 Jeffrey was so sweet explaining everything to Keith and teaching him about the different planets.  I had wondered earlier that day why Pluto had been downsized from a planet to an ice giant.  My question was answered, sort of.

Saturday the kids and I went to my annual family reunion.  It was really hot, and I had a hard time keeping them hydrated.  It was so much fun to watch them playing with my cousins' kids.

It was lovely to see my family.  Since growing up and having our own families, we don't see each other as often as we did as kids.  

But then, Keith, while blowing bubbles slipped on the rocks and fell into the pond.

It is a small pond.  Only about three feet deep.  But it scared him.  Scared him enough to want to go home.

Truth be told, I was nearing heat exhaustion (the headache, nausea, etc) so didn't mind at all.

As we drove home, Keith asked if we could stay home the rest of the day.  He was completely exhausted.  I tried to convince him to come with us to go out to eat, but he was utterly set on being a homebody.  

Oh he is a sweet boy.

I have been enjoying my sweet littles, that is for sure.

As for the blank screen and blinking cursor, at least my days are full of cuddles and laughter and those darling kids.


Emmy said…
Yes, if you are so busy having fun that you are having a hard time figuring out what to write then life is perfect!

That would have been scary when he fell in the pond, glad he was okay.

Love Kneaders!
Chantel said…
Thanks for the comment about the baby. Mathias was also my grandpa's name (well middle name). It's not very common and it's nice to find someone who has heard of it. I usually end up repeating myself a couple of times when asked the baby's name. Take care. Glad you are having a happy summer!
Susan Anderson said…
I understand about the infrequent blogging when you have so much going on at home. I've curtailed mine drastically even since Dave retired.

"Real life" has to come first, right?

Jenny said…
No worries, ever, about blogging!

You enjoy that family! They are growing up so fast.

And take care of yourself!

This heat can't be good for you!

Hugs and prayers for you sweet girl!
Lisa said…
Love it! Sad that I've never been to Kneaders???
I have been thinking about you all week! Nice to read such a lovely post. How are you feeling my friend? I can't believe how big little Faye has gotten!

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