Saturday, June 1, 2013

Toxic Air

Jeffrey and I decided it would be a good idea for us to take a class at the local hospital.  It is a class on staying calm and practices things like deep breathing, inner focusing, etc.

Last night we went to the first class and thus far it looks to be beneficial for both of us.

It is a three hour class and the first half of the class was about the history and how the techniques and such came to be.  We wondered if it was going to be a big waste of time.  The second half of the class was actually beneficial.

Er, mostly.

We sat in the back of the class because we were a little late.  As we went over some breathing exercises, many things raced through my mind.

I always panic when breathing exercises are involved.  I know it is counterproductive, but I worry that I am doing it wrong and sort of hyperventilate.  Ironic, right?

"Breathe deeply and picture the breath swirling down, filling your whole body down to your toes," the instructor said.

I took a deep breath, determined to not choke or hyperventilate and had to cough.

Someone had let out a gnarly SBD.

You know, Silent But Deadly.

If you don't know what that is, be very glad.  They are aptly named.

It was like a war zone.

Forget the mustard gas, I was being assaulted with SBDs.

The second half of the class took what seemed like forever.

Every deep breath was suffocating.

It was really a relief to get out when the class was over.

It did help, and I learned some valuable things, I just wasn't able to breathe is all.
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