Extry, Extry, Big Things Coming, Stay Tuned For More Info

Big things are in the works around these parts.

Like Kilimanjaro big.

Jeffrey and I have been distracted by a project for a while now, which should be done near the end of July. We are very excited about it and oh so proud of our work on it.  It will be a sort of a surprise for the kids.  I mean, they know about it, but only kind of.  They don't really understand the magnitude of this project, but we just know they are going to love it.  I made a countdown chain for the kids to help grow their anticipation, because that is half the fun, right?

And no, it isn't a house.  Sigh.  I wish.

Because of our project, I may not be around my little internet home aka blog as frequently as I would like.  A lot of my time is taken out with other more pressing things surrounding our little project.  As soon as it is complete, though I will post a complete reveal and update of our undertakings.  Including pictures.

In the meantime, I will intermittently post when I get a chance, but I am not going to worry myself about it because I have plenty on my plate and think I am doing enough without adding guilt to my pile of things to do.


Blog guilt should be no part of it! It's a release, a venue, a friend, if you will.
Susan Anderson said…
You've really got me curious1 I'll look forward to hearing more when you're ready...

Crystal Collier said…
Does that ever sound familiar! Except the projects never end. *sigh* One day at a time, eh?
Emmy said…
Oh I think I know :)
Lisa said…
:) In love with this post!!! :)

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