Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Extry, Extry, Big Things Coming, Stay Tuned For More Info

Big things are in the works around these parts.

Like Kilimanjaro big.

Jeffrey and I have been distracted by a project for a while now, which should be done near the end of July. We are very excited about it and oh so proud of our work on it.  It will be a sort of a surprise for the kids.  I mean, they know about it, but only kind of.  They don't really understand the magnitude of this project, but we just know they are going to love it.  I made a countdown chain for the kids to help grow their anticipation, because that is half the fun, right?

And no, it isn't a house.  Sigh.  I wish.

Because of our project, I may not be around my little internet home aka blog as frequently as I would like.  A lot of my time is taken out with other more pressing things surrounding our little project.  As soon as it is complete, though I will post a complete reveal and update of our undertakings.  Including pictures.

In the meantime, I will intermittently post when I get a chance, but I am not going to worry myself about it because I have plenty on my plate and think I am doing enough without adding guilt to my pile of things to do.
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