Comedy of Errors

Today my brain decided to take a vacation.

It is too hot for it to function, anyway.

At least that is the memo I received.

My brain tends to be very spontaneous, much like myself.  Things were going along fine this morning, I had no reason to suspect there would be any sort of problem.

The kids and I cleaned up the house (what should have taken 45 minutes tops ended up taking a good three hours.  Getting kids to clean and stay focused is like herding a bunch of cats!), and then we played.

I told them once their things were all picked up they could do anything they wanted to do.  Keith opted for Legos and then the Wii.  Faye wanted to play with me, so we played Ring Around the Rosie, read stories, and watched a show together while I folded clothes.

That may have been when my brain decided it had endured enough for the day.  Seriously, I sometimes wonder if it is worth the effort, teaching kids how to work and clean up after themselves.

When afternoon came, I was feeling awfully proud of myself.  We had gotten a lot done in the morning hours.  I sat down to work on the weekly meal plan/grocery list, and the kids played with some old toys that we pulled out of the shed.  And then it was time for Keith's kindergarten check up.  Which went well.

And then we decided to go grocery shopping.

Which is when the trouble began.

My kids are monsters when it comes to grocery shopping.  They get bored, and then take it out on me by fighting with each other the whole time.  They are banned from the car carts, and the little grocery carts because they don't behave well with either of those.  Which means I get to play monkey tamer on top of trying to find the things I need.

We got our supplies and got out of there as quickly as we could.

When I got home, I began unpacking the groceries, only to learn that we had left the bread at the store.  After debating whether or not it was worth the gas to drive back and retrieve it, I called the store and did indeed go back.

As I drove back to retrieve my bread, I went to the wrong store.

I laugh at my absent-mindedness and corrected the error.

When I got to the correct store, I realized I had the wrong receipt with me.

This was turning into a comedy of errors, if ever I saw one.  Only it was beginning to not be so funny anymore.

The girl at the checkout was a darling and let me just get the bread anyway, bless her!

I got home, eager to make some yummy pesto turkey sandwiches for dinner, only to learn that my turkey had been eaten.

I gave up.

We had cold cereal for dinner.


Jenny said…
Oh girl.

If you give a mouse a cookie...


I hope you know that book so you don't think this is some off-the-wall bizarre comment!

Hugs to you!
Susan Anderson said…

Every mother has those days...and it's a real pleasure when your head hits the pillow that night to know that the struggle is over.

Crystal Collier said…
LOL. Sometimes it happens like that. Oh my goodness, do I have stories. ;) What would we do without sad days like this to help us see the the awesome of other days, eh?
Emmy said…
Oh no!! Seriously days like to play tricks like that-- all good to all crazy!

Glad they just let you have your bread
Lisa said…
Even reading it again I got a little chuckle. :) Sorry to laugh at your expense - it was sorely needed tonight though.

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