Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mud Bath and More

The other day the perfect comic came in the paper.  I read it and smiled.  Later that day, I re-read it and laughed until I was crying.

 It really was the perfect day for a nice muddy day, according to the kids.


It was the first really sunny and warm day of the year, and the kids really took advantage of the opportunity to water down their sand pit and make some good clean mud.

Last Saturday Jeffrey was a super hero.  I was so lucky to get to go hang out in Salt Lake for the morning, and he watched the kids, took them to soccer, ran errands, and even picked up a surprise for them while I was gone.  While I was happily putting on my bohemian act of walking the streets of the city, siting at a bistro table and writing my thoughts in my handy dandy notebook.  And then calling it handy dandy completely un-cools it.  I got to have lunch with my good friend at a wonderful Nepalese restaurant before coming home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon putting the trampoline together.  Backwards.  The trampoline wasn't backwards, the way we put it together was backwards.  Consequently, the safety net still isn't installed completely.  Evidently that was one of the first things we should have done, but it was the last we did, and it will require removing all of the springs again... which was really hard to put together in the first place. Sigh.  Soon, though, so the kids can play without one of us out there watching.  

When we finally got the new toy put together, Faye immediately set to jumping.  We got the trampoline for her since the girl is part kangaroo.  She jumps on everything.  Now, when she jumps on the bed, couches, stairs, table, etc, we can just send her outside.  Keith didn't get to jump that night, though.  He was too worn out from playing with Dad all day.

He fell asleep around 6:30 and slept until the same time the next day.  6:30 am, I mean.
 But it was put to full use the next day.

I found a coupon for Subzero ice cream.  It was a hot day, in the 90's and I gave the kids the choice of ice cream or snow cones.  They chose ice cream, so I decided to combine a sweet treat with science.  Cream, sugar, and liquid nitrogen combined together make ice cream.  It is so neat to watch, and the whole time, Keith was enthralled.  And oh my goodness, the ice cream is delicious!

 So yummy!

Wednesday I had another dentist appointment in Salt Lake.  The fourth one in four weeks.  But I think we finally have the problem figured out.  I have extremely sensitive teeth, and very unique, too, evidently.  While we were near, we decided to take a drive up the mountains.  We were going to go to Silver Lake, but when we got up there, everything was covered in snow.  Too soon.  It was a beautiful drive, at least.
Instead, we went to the park where Keith and Faye spent the whole time on the merry go round.

We have been having a lot of fun lately.

Being a Mom is the best thing in the world.  The best and the most fun.  I love this job of mine!


Familia Morales said...

Love the mud pictures! Your kiddos are getting so big.

Crystal Collier said...

LOL. You need a pit trampoline. ;) I think you dealt with the mud much better than I would have. Way to be an awesome mommy!

Jenny said...

Im sorry. I'm stuck on Nepalese restaurant!

Wow. That sounds so different!

I love the mud! And how big the kids are kidding!

I don't, however, love putting anything together!

Sorry you had to do it again, but what a wonderful tire-out method for your sweeties.

Are you doing it, too?

Susan Anderson said...

Yu are such a fun mom, Amy. And I'm glad you are getting your teeth squared away.


Emmy said...

Lol! Those muddy pictures. How fun for them to be able to play like that, I think I might freak.

So fun that you have a trampoline, I am sure it will be put to great use all summer long