Ice Cream Dreaming

She dressed herself.  Love this girl's style!
Inspiration is a funny fickle thing.

It always seems to strike at just the wrong moment.  When I am in the middle of doing something.  When things are just perfect and I want to record the moment forever, inspiration strikes.

But it is always inconvenient.  Because I am in the middle of doing something, I can't leave to write down the thoughts in my head.  So I make a mental note, promising myself I will record it later.  And then I put the kids to bed, and sit down, ready to open my computer, and realize I am completely wiped out.  Both in thoughts and energy.  I have no desire to open my computer and want only to close my eyes and rest.

And so days go by, and I record nothing.  I am thinking I need to change my strategy.

Last night, though, Faye made me laugh so hard.

Jeffrey and I had just gotten home from Wing-man-ing it for a good friend.  It was late, and we went to check on the kids.

Keith was sprawled on his bed, a baby blanket flung across his neck, like a scarf billowing in the wind.  I smiled, pulled it off of him, pulled his blankets up, and nuzzled his sweet chubby cheeks.  I love those cheeks.  It will be a sad day when they thin out.  His hands are already losing their chub, which is a sad day. I breathed him in deeply, and climbed the ladder to Faye's bed.

She was completely uncovered and curled up in a ball, her head just off her pillow.  I reached up to move her back onto her pillow, as I usually do, and she sat up.  I worried that I had awakened her.  She was all sweaty and warm and beautiful.  I told her to lay down, and she mumbled something.

I asked her to repeat herself, she lifted her hand which was held tightly in a fist, said "I just want one more lick of my ice cream.  Just one more." and she began licking her hand, as if it were holding and ice cream cone.  I couldn't handle it, I dropped myself down from the ladder and ran into my bedroom, holding the laughter in until I nearly burst.  I laughed and laughed in my room, while Jeffrey stayed, trying to help her lay back down.  Eventually I was able to regain control and went back into her room.  She was still sitting up and muttering about ice cream while licking her hand.  I climbed back up, rubbed her back and murmured to her about how sweet she is, how much I love her.  She eventually lay back down, her hand away from her mouth, and she nestled back onto her pillow.  I pulled her blankets up around her, kissed her sweet cheeks, and together, Jeffrey and I left the children in their dreams, knowing they were happy and safe.

I am so glad I was able to record that moment with my kids, and really hope I can figure out a way to record the moments as they happen.


Crystal Collier said…
LOL! That is awesome. Kids do the strangest things. I love how they keep me laughing, and I need a memory book pinned to my hip too--to record all those unexpected "awesome"s that come along.
Two of my girls talk in their sleep. Such a window to their world!

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