Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Banning Naps

10:00 am

Faye was a zombie.  She was following me around the house with her blanket, laying down on any surface she could find.  She stoutly argued she was NOT tired, she just wanted to be by me and she liked her blanket.

11:00 am

We left the house to run errands.  She nearly fell asleep in the van.

11:10-12:50 pm

Faye whined.  She whined and was wiggly, and blatantly disobedient.  She delighted in tormenting her brother, even though it got her hurt.

1:00 pm

We got home from errands and went outside for lunch.

1:10 pm

Faye threw a royal tantrum.  She cried and screamed and stomped her feet and pounded her fists into the cushions of the couch.

1:30 pm

I put Faye down for a nap.

3:00 pm

I went into her room and insisted Faye wake up from her nap so she would be able to sleep tonight.

10:00 pm 

Jeffrey and I were in bed, discussing Bob Saget and some other nonsense.  Our door was open a crack and I heard a little jangling sound in the hall.

I stopped talking to listen.

Jeffrey was in the middle of a topic, so didn't stop talking and thought I was listening to him.

I wasn't, I was straining my ears to hear what the jangling sound was.

It came again.  

Off and on, intermittently for about 5 minutes.  

Someone was outside our bedroom door, but the crack was in such a way that I couldn't see out into the dark hallway.

Eventually, the door creaked open, and Jeffrey stopped talking to see who was coming into our room so late.

"I couldn't sleep what are you doing?" 

With a messy honey tinged halo of hair, Faye stood smiling at us with squinty eyes from the light.

We both laughed, and invited her to climb into bed with us.

The tickling fest began.  If only you could hear her squeal and laugh like that.  I wish I could record that sound forever.  It is delight and innocence and trust squished into dangerous decibels.

She cuddled up against me, and then Jeffrey.  I love the look he gets on his face when he looks at her.  She melts him like fondue every time.

I love finding new freckles on the kids' bodies, and they always get so excited.  I saw one on Faye's leg while we were tickling her, pointed to it, and asked what it was.

"A freckle.  Don't touch it." she commanded.  When we asked her why not she said "It is a freckle that if you touch it you will turn into a freckle."  Such a funny girl.

By 10:30 Jeffrey got up to get us both a drink and to work on his homework some more.  I was eventually able to send Faye back to her bed.

10:30-11:00 pm

Singing is heard coming from the kids room.  Faye is once again singing herself to sleep.

11:05 pm

I laugh at something I read, and a few seconds later those squinty from the light eyes are back.

"What is making you giggle, Mommy?"  she asks so innocently and sweetly.

11:10 pm

She is finally in bed, and her room is silent.  My fingers are crossed it is for keeps this time.

Let this be a lesson to me.  No matter how cranky she is, Faye does not get a nap during the day!

She gets her night owl tendencies from her dad, I think.


Confessions of a PTO Mom said...

Have you tried a white noise machine in their room (a fan, etc?) Might keep them down longer! We have fans in all our kids rooms. Have to block out the noise of some unsavory neighbors. :/

Confessions of a PTO Mom said...
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Susan Anderson said...

You are so good-natured about losing your sleep! I was only willing to make sleep sacrifices when they were sick.

Meanie that I am.


Emmy said...

That transition is the worst as they often seem so much like they need a nap, but then yea come bedtime I always regret it.