Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Asleep With Eyes Wide Open

The kids didn't want to go to bed tonight.

Keith was ridiculously tired, and Faye... well, she accidently had a nap today.  Will I ever learn with her?

We did the bedtime routine and tucked them in at 8.

It is 9:30 and they are still playing.  Well, Faye has been playing with everyone she encounters since then.  Keith has been angry with everyone he encounters since then.

I went in to firmly send them to bed.  They were both in Keith's bed and playing.  I separated them, sent Faye to her bed, and Keith began crying tears of anger.  Faye, picking up the defiant mood of Keith shouted at me

"Fine!  But I am going to sleep with my eyes open!"

Bwahahaha!  She is such a funny girl!

On another topic, have I mentioned lately how much I love my dentist?

I got a call tonight from a number I didn't recognize.  Usually I don't answer but I decided to this time.

It was my dentist.  He was calling to see if my tooth he had fixed was doing alright.

The thing is, I have been to see him three times in three weeks for the same tooth.  The last time I was there he said "you have the most .... uh.... interesting.... bite I have ever seen.  Your teeth are so sharp and steep and they are so precise in the way they fit together."  The sad thing is I was planning on calling tomorrow anyway.  My tooth isn't better yet.  I hate going because there is always pain or discomfort, but afterwards the kids and I play, so it isn't all bad.

I just thought it was very thoughtful of my dentist to call a week after he tried to fix my tooth.  Every dentist I have had in the past leaves the calling up to me.  They work on my mouth and then forget about me until I call them again and it feels like a one sided relationship.  This dentist is impressive.  Seriously, service like this is a thing of the past.  It makes the pain and discomfort somehow less painful and uncomfortable somehow.

At any rate, these are just my thoughts on the day for now.  It is late and I generally have lost most of my mental faculties by this point in time.  Faye is calling for me again.  Go figure.

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