The kids and I were walking with someone from the neighborhood earlier this week when a topic came up.


I got both excited and scared at the same time.

Keith is going to be starting Kindergarten in the Fall.

Yesterday he came with me to pick up the paperwork.  As we were walking out of the school, Keith groaned.  

"I have to learn to read before I can go to school!  They are going to want me to count to a thousand.  I can't do that!  They wont let me in the school because I can't read yet, and I can't tie my shoes all the way."

He was really getting frantic with worry.

I looked into his wrinkled with worry face, and gave his hand a squeeze as I explained to him that school is the place where you get to learn all those things.  I told him that his dad and I are trying to give him a head start by teaching him all those things, but he will never have to count to a thousand out  loud, and he shouldn't worry about it.  

To help appease his fears, and because Jeffrey is wonderful like that, every night before bed he makes up a worksheet for the kids.  For Keith, it is simple math and simple reading.  He writes his first and last name on the top, answers the math questions, and draws a picture of the word or sentence that Jeffrey writes for him. For Faye, he makes a dot by dot letter or word for her to trace, and then a box for her to draw a picture of whichever word she traced.

The early afternoon is usually when we work on the worksheets.  It is the perfect time.  The sun glints through the windows creating that beautiful glow.  There is a bit of a lull in energy, the kids are ready for a snack and a redirection of their little minds.  I love this time of day with them.  I really think I am going to miss this part of the day once school starts.  Then again, perhaps we will get to enjoy this part of day while we have a snack and work on homework next year.

Today was wonderful, but exhausting.  I am not sure I remember the last time I felt the bone wrenching tiredness like today.  I spent the afternoon in the kitchen.  I baked bread again, made homemade tortillas and cafe rio knock off for dinner.  For some reason, though, by the time I was half done with the dishes, I just couldn't continue.  I was completely exhausted.  I lay on the couch while the kids and Jeffrey ran around with their nightly wrestling match.  I listened to their happy noise and counted my blessings.  To be a mother, listening to the sounds of my family playing so contentedly around me completely made everything worth it.  The swollen ankles, the throbbing feet, .  The exhaustion was so worth it in that moment.  I would gladly work myself to sleep every day just to experience this.  At the end of the day I go into the children's room and see those dark lashes on the sweet chubby cheeks, it makes my heart pitter patter with gratitude.  The rewards of motherhood just keep coming and coming.

I love my job!


One of my babies is finishing up her kindergarten year (sniff). Keith has nothing to worry about. If we could hook our kids up, she'd let him know it. She's my worrier, this two-months-of-kindergarten-left toothless wonder of mine.

If only I could go back to kindergarten.
Susan Anderson said…
It IS a good job, isn't it? The best.


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