Chocolate Chips and Dandelions

This morning I decided to go to the store.  We are trying to teach Faye to count to 20 and she is stubbornly wanting to play instead.  She doesn't like to learn like Keith does.  I realized that she works for sweets.  I was going to pick up some little treats to help her count.  

I am not above bribing.

I got ready to go, and then headed to my room to get my purse and keys.

I couldn't find them.

I looked everywhere. I mean everywhere.  I looked in the cupboards, fridge, freezer, under beds, in closets, etc.  I looked everywhere I could think to look, and looked for a long time.  I did a lot of cleaning while looking, which was good, I guess.

I started to panic.  I couldn't find my purse or keys!  I knew they were downstairs somewhere because I remembered carrying them down on Saturday, but that was the last I could remember.

Finally, around 2, I collapsed on my bed, frazzled, grumpy and so worried.

I decided I needed to stop looking and I should bake cookies.  I was emotionally exhausted!

Jeffrey called me on his lunch break (he had a very late lunch) and asked if I had looked in his sock drawer.

Lo and behold, there was my purse.  Can't imagine why I didn't look there.  

To celebrate, Faye and I made cookies.


She was especially helpful in eating the dough.

Once the cookies were baked, I taught the kids the joy of cookies and milk, and dunking the cookies in the milk before eating them. 

I really don't like milk, so it hadn't occurred to me before to teach the kids about that right of passage.

Silly, I know.

They enjoyed it.  I think it may have caught on.

When looking around for a plate to store the cookies on, I remembered a sweet gift from my hubby.  A beautiful crystal cake stand (I think it is really glass, but crystal sounds so much classier), complete with cloche!  It makes the cookies absolutely beautiful.

When we finished cooking the goodies the kids went outside to play.

 As I cleaned up the kitchen, the smell of cookies made me smile.  The sun streamed through the kitchen window, a slight breeze ruffled the curtains, and I smiled in the moment.

"Mommy, the dandelions finally came in!"  Faye yelled, bursting through the door with a fistful of cheery yellow flowers.  We filled a small glass with water and put them on display.  I think I need to plant more flowers for my little girl.

Flowers and cookies.  The perfect remedy to a stressful morning.


Susan Anderson said…
What a funny story, followed by a very lovely slice of life at your house.

Jenny said…
Cookies and dandelions.

The cure to almost all that ails you!

I'm glad your day turned around sweetie!

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