Aww Factor

Just a few things I wanted to jot down before bed tonight.

The kids have been fighting like they have never fought before.  I don't know if they are just tired, or it is the weather, or what.  Yesterday Keith didn't want to share the table he was playing legos on.  Faye was building with blocks.  Because he wouldn't share, she blew a raspberry on him/spit on him.  In retaliation, he bit her back, nearly breaking the skin.  Ten minutes later they were best friends again.  Later, they were not getting along again.  Keith slapped Faye's shoulder, so she picked up a ceramic pot and threw it at him.  It hit his face near his eye.  Today Faye was mad that Keith has a lamp near his bed.  She is on the top bunk and he is on the bottom.  Evidently she swung her feet down and kicked him in the eye.  So he bit her.  At that point, I decided they were having naps.  Sigh.

Sunday after I put the kids to bed (not to sleep mind you, just in bed) I went to my parent's house to celebrate my sister in law's birthday.  I arrived before my parents, and so called to see if the kids were staying in bed.  Jeffrey gave the phone to Faye and she said "Mommy, come home so you can love me!"  Aww factor times ten!

Yesterday, Faye was having a bit of a meltdown.  It was bedtime and she didn't want to go to bed.  She was shaking and yelling at me, so of course she went to time out.  After about thirty seconds of intense tantrum, she climbed onto my lap and sobbed "I am crying because I need my beauty sleep!"  I laughed, gave her extra hugs and sent her back to bed.

Jeffrey, the sweetness he is, gave me a new toy for which I am well excited to try out.  I am now the proud owner of an electric sander.  Now I just need to overcome my fear of saws.  I am always afraid I will mess up and ruin my project.  Once I overcome that fear, I will be good to go.  I have a few projects in mind, and am well excited for the ease of the electric sander.  Blissful sigh.


Crystal Collier said…
A sander? Amazing.

Oh kids, when they don't sleep... *sigh* We've learned the signs that they're beyond "the point." You know, that breaking point where they lose control? It happens more frequently when you live near Disney, I've decided.

--I love your "Aww" moments. Random regularly climbs up into my lap and says, "Mom, I love you," or "You're the best mom ever." Makes my day every time.
Emmy said…
Awe she needs her beauty sleep, how cute. Kids really do like to have a love/hate relationship.

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