Wiggly Jiggly Giggly Fortress

I have decided I am a vacuum with pearls on kind of girl.

Not that I own any pearls.

If I did, however, I would wear them while cleaning and vacuuming and mopping.  Well, maybe not mopping or deep cleaning, but everything else, I would be very happy to wear heels and pearls while cleaning.

I get showered and cleaned up before I do my daily cleaning.  It helps motivate me.  If I feel pretty, I do a better job.  Especially if I wear a lovely skirt or dress.  Although, I am usually barefoot.  Because that makes me happy, too.  

Today, after I got ready for the day, you know, skirt, makeup, etc. the kids and I decided to have a picnic for lunch.  Because the weather was asking for it.  

Because we could

We ate, and then we buckled down.  I brought my 4 baskets of clothes outside, again, and commenced folding while the kids ran around, fighting and playing and digging in the grass.  

I may have tried for a cat nap half way through the folding of the clothes.  And then Keith joined in, folding the clothes and piling them on top of me.  It was very sweet of him to leave off playing and help. 

And once the clothes were folded, we all agreed upon ice cream.

When they kids had theirs, they retreated to their fortress.

I heard peals of laughter and had to laugh myself as I watched the tent dance, skitter and shiver like jello on a fork.  Shaking like a big laughing belly, radiating laughter, luring summer from around the corner with the exuberance and camaraderie that only best friends, a fortress, and ice cream can forge.
 I smiled contentedly.  Life is beginning to feel how I remembered it.  How it should be.

With that revelation, I didn't want to go back into the house, even though I had opened so many windows and the air was fresh and clear in the house.

My patio furniture, however was looking rather sorry, and we had our hearts set on eating outside tonight.

And breakfast tomorrow.

And lunch, and dinner, and many meals to come.

While they played, I hefted patio furniture around.  I cleared up dead leaves, plastic, and other things leftover from last season.  Faye got interested and wanted to help, so together, we wiped down the table and chairs. And then we pulled out the grill.

Dinner was grilled chicken, grilled asparagus, rice, and grilled clementines.  Eaten with the peel on because grilling somehow makes the peel less bitter and so sweet.  Try it sometime.  It sounds crazy, I know, but it is so good.

And since I am trying to be more healthy and be less processed when it comes to desserts, we had more of the applesauce on graham crackers for dessert, topped with fresh raspberries, this time.  I have never topped it with fruit before.  I doubt I will eat it without, forever more.

And then, as we were tucking the kids in bed, Jeffrey gave me a hug, squeezing my arms.  It hurt!  I didn't understand why, and then it was figured out.
 I got burned.  All that napping, and ice cream licking and cleaning up was a wonderful welcome to the sun, and I now have proof.

Red arms and a farmer's burn.
"Farmer tan on my neck and arms
Farmer tan the secret of my charms
every girl wants a man with a farmer tan."

Or the other way around.

Farmer tans are cool.

It is the newest fashion.  Last year, bow ties, this year, farmer tans.

You can trust me on this.



Susan Anderson said…
Those tents are so much fun for kids. Love them.

Sounds like you are feeling a nice bit of spring in your heart. I feel the same way!

Sometimes I am envious of my children's abilities to hide out from the world in their little tents. Mommy needs to join them more.
Crystal Collier said…
I see so many "Florida" tans I'm actually relieved when I see a farmer tan. Means someone has the sense to wear clothes. *shaking head* Now I want to go hide out in a tent and eat ice cream. Mmm. Ice cream...

Emmy said…
Yea you got burned! But it sounds totally worth it. You write so poetically!

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