Wear Out

I woke up with a hankering today.  A hankering to see big animals.

After a little discussion, we settled on the zoo.

 Biggest animals in town, you know.  I love the pictures of the elephants because they are my favorite animal, but the baby's trunk just couldn't reach the water at first, so it kept intercepting the water in its Momma's mouth.  Adorable!

 The polar bear had us in peals of laughter.  It would swim up to the window, jump up right in front of us, touching the window, and then swim away, only to do it all over again.  It went on for a good 15 mintues.  What a clown.

 I have been thinking over the past few days how lucky I am.  I stick out a hand and almost instantaneously it is filled with a little one.  I don't have to ask.  I don't need to say anything at all.  Faye and I seem to have an understanding.  I am needed.  With Keith, it is hit and miss.  Sometimes he takes my hand when I put it out, but most of the time he doesn't want it.  The precious few times he takes my hand, I revel and hang on to the moment, knowing it is fleeting.  I hope Faye doesn't ever grow out of it as my hand needs to be filled!

I had the intention of wearing out the kids today, so when we finished with the zoo, we went to the bird park.

 Spring!  Real flowers!

 I can't get over how cute Faye was, carrying around her baby everywhere she went.

Truth be told, I think they wore me out.



Xazmin said…
I want to go to the zoo!

I haven't been in forever, and I was thinking the other day that Monkey was too young to remember and would surely love a day at the zoo this spring!

Thank you for the flower picture, because I have spring fever like you can't believe!
Emmy said…
I envy your freedom to be able to just get up and go most days-- I am looking forward to summer when we won't be so tied down by school

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