Just Paint

She was getting the dishes down for our morning bowl of porridge.

Her fingers, being a little too small, and slightly clumsy in the morning didn't have a tight grip.

As I stirred the porridge, insurance against clumps, happily lost in the morning noise of two hungry chatter-boxes, a crash and shatter abruptly brought my senses into focus.

Faye was standing with one foot on a stool and one on the counter.  A shocked expression was on her face and Keith moaned "Fa-aa-aye!"

Little glass shards littered the floor, challenging my bare feet.  Remnants of the bowl she was so excited to eat from.  It was a little bowl.  A Chinese rice bowl turned kitchen floor mine field.

I inspected her with a glance, and she seemed fine, so I hurried to pick up the big pieces and get the broom for the little pieces.  While I was sweeping, I heard Keith and Faye discussing something.

"It's paint." she said very matter of factly.

"No it isn't.  Mom, tell her it isn't paint."

I looked to find the source of the argument.

Red, dripping off of Faye's big toe.  The counter had already been 'painted' and she was happy to show me.

I asked her where the paint came from if it was paint, and she smiled and said "I don't know.  Do you want me to paint you a picture?"

I laughed, told her it wasn't paint, and hurried to get the peroxide and bandaid.

The whole time I cleaned her foot off and bandaged it up, she insisted it was just paint and she didn't need a bandaid. It must be her artist genes.  Keith, on the other hand was fascinated.

"Mom, how does the blood get out?  Why does it leave the body?  Did she cut a blue blood vessel or a red one?"


Crystal Collier said…
After 12+ years of mommying, we own plastic almost exclusively by way of dishes. It seems like we go through phases though, one week 4 dishes will be broken, then we'll go a month without an incident. Maybe butterfingers is contagious?
Noodle said…
paint lol =) she is to cute... and what a wonderful way to stay calm... One child of mine needs a bandaid for EVERYTHING
Emmy said…
Oh sweet thing-- well obviously didn't hurt too bad since she just thought it was paint.
Susan Anderson said…
At least she's not afraid of blood! (Glad she didn't start drawing pictures with it...)

Those messes are so hard to clean up, aren't they? I always used to worry that my kids would cut their feet for a few days afterwards.

Xazmin said…
Haha, I love it! I also LOVE reading your writing.

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