Celebrating The Mundane

Its been wild, I tell you.

Busy and wild and wonderful.

Mostly wonderful.

Wednesday night Jeffrey got home from work and asked if we wanted to go bowling.

The kids had never been before.

It was a blast.  So funny to watch the little ones with the big heavy balls.

Thursday the kids and I had some errands to run and so decided to go to the train station while we were out.
 This is what the train of the future was supposed to look like.  I love it.
 Sitting in an actual cabin.  Very uncomfortable.  Cutest passengers ever, though.
 This wasn't even posed.  I love that happy grin.  
Who said Disney Land is the happiest place on earth?  Look at that grin!
 This sign had me at Thumbs Up.  Especially with the Morse code.  I think I want to blow this sign up and hang it in my house.  Cropped, of course.  We'll see if I can actually get around to it.
Its funny, I don't remember a thing about the errands, but I remember everything about the train station and how much fun it was.

I absolutely adore old train stations.  They hold so many memories and hopes and dreams there.  It is fun to think about all the people who scurried around there.  The fancy dresses, the styles, the tears and smiles, it is all so romantic.

We saw my dream car there.

 I would love to drive around in that car one day.

Friday there were more errands, but Jeffrey had the day off, so he got to come with us.  We decided to go to a nature center when we were through with the errands.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Even in the cold.  The turkeys were huge.

The raven was hilarious.  It kept flipping its head upside down and backwards to look at us.  Did you know that ravens can fly upside down?  They are are the biggest show offs, and it sure made me laugh.  I especially loved seeing the green things poking through the brown carpet of earth and leaves.

We saw a lot of deer, rather close, in fact.  Faye was over the moon thrilled, but Keith wasn't all that impressed.  So typical of them.

We wandered all over that place, loving every second.  At least I did.  And Faye did.  Keith, as usual, complained the whole time.

Saturday consisted of more errands.  There were a lot of things that needed to be done over the weekend.  Truth is, I still haven't finished them.  More errands tomorrow.  But I love that through them all, I had my kidlets and my sweet hubby with me.  We did the boring monotonous stuff, and then we got to play.  Because that is how it should always work, right?  Celebrations over accomplishing the mundane things of life.

And tomorrow starts a new week.


Susan Anderson said…
My kids always used to love going bowling. Me, not so much. But I had fun watching them!

Emmy said…
Bowling with kids really is fun, my kids love it. That train museum looks like so much fun!!

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