A Lovely Afternoon

We were planning on going bowling yesterday.

And then Faye accidently spilled blue nail polish all over the carpet.  Instead of bowling we spent the evening  cleaning up the nail polish.  There is now a big blue stain on the carpet.

Today we were going to go bowling when Jeffrey got home from work.

We worked hard on having a good day.  When it was nap time, Keith was going to pretend to sleep while Faye actually went to sleep.  When I told him the plan, he sweetly smiled and whispered conspiratorially to me "I like that plan, Mom.  Let's always do that plan, okay?"  Unfortunately, he thought she would sleep if they were in the same bed, but that only leads to trouble.  Five minutes after they both went down, I heard screaming, yelling and crying.  I ran into their room to find Faye angrily crying, for some reason, Faye bit Keith's finger.  I can't remember why.  I am not sure they actually told me why.  I decided to change tactics. Keith went to play with legos, and Faye said "Mommy, will you cuddle with me?"  I happily obliged and climbed up into her bed.  She nestled into my arms and I smiled.  The scent of her hair created a wonderful memory.  It smelled fresh and sweet from her shower last night.  I sang her the same lullaby my mother sang to me when I was a child,  Babes In The Woods.  The afternoon sun tried to sneak through the slats of the blinds.  The golden, afternoon sun, the lavender scent of her hair and my own memories of being sung to sleep by my mother made the moment extra sweet and extra special.  I hope Faye can remember these times as tenderly as I do.

While she slept, Keith and I played some games in the kitchen.  And then army men in the living room.  And then I was sleepy too.  I miss the days when both my kids napped as I like to nap as well.  We decided to tone down quiet time and cuddled on my bed and watched a show.  This afternoon was quite possibly one of my favorites in a long time.

And then, after Faye got up from her nap, Keith lost the privilege to do anything fun as well as both tv and computer for tomorrow.  He is a very moody boy and it seems to be getting worse.  I am doing a lot better with not losing my temper with him, though.  I have stayed calm for the past few days when he was yelling at me.  Yay for that!  But because of his moodiness, he lost the ability to go bowling.

Faye, however was a sweet little angel today.  So, feeling it unfair to deprive her since Keith lost bowling for us, she and I went on a girl's night.

We stopped by a thrift store for a crayon container and she drummed for a good while on the tins, deciding which to get based on the sound it made when she drummed on it.  Because all crayon bins double as drums.  Didn't you know?

We then went to Ihop for ice cream.  I wanted to go to Denny's for brownies a la mode, but the past few times we have gone there some guy decided to hit on me, so Jeffrey said I can never go there again.  He is possessive and I think it is cute.  I think he is a very jealous kind of guy.  Its a good thing I never have a reason to make him jealous, nor do I want one.  But the fact that it bothers him that creepy guys hit on me makes me happy, and I want to oblige him.  So Ihop it was.
 Faye got a sundae and I got mozzarella sticks.
Faye then shared the mozzarella sticks, and dipped them in her ice cream.
She thought it was delicious.
I shuddered.  I don't like my food to touch.  I eat each thing individually and then move on to the next.  My foods don't mix unless they are supposed to.  And then it was off to run a few more errands.  She needed a new toothbrush and play shoes as she keeps growing.

I love having one on one time with my kids.  I love being able to make them feel so special and loved and to help them know that they are my greatest treasure.  While Faye had been napping today, Keith and I got to play some games together


Myya said…
Ohhhh no fingernail polish on carpet is the worst. We had that happen last year with HOT pink. I dumped polish remover, soaked, polish remover, soaked, scrubbed repeat about a million times... it actually worked. The carpet is a tad lighter in that area but definitely not as noticable as the hot pink. LOL

How fun is the girls night. I soooo adore one on one time with my girls, they are almost different people when they get that attention. I love it!
French fries dipped into a McDonalds shake.
Now I need to go...
Susan Anderson said…
Girls night is always a good thing!


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