Officially a Nark

I miss the sun.  I miss going outside and feeling its smile warm the hair upon my head, arms and legs.  Because, yes, I don't always shave my legs in the winter.  It is warmer that way.  And I have a bad case of selective laziness.  But oh how I miss that warming influence in my life.  I miss the freedom I harvest from it's bright yellow rays.

I think I have a bad case of Spring Fever.

It is really bad, you know, the Spring Fever.

Which is why we planned to spend all day today outside.

Sure it was 32*, but the sun was out.

We started the day by going to my parent's house for blueberry pancakes and grapefruit.  Just like when I was growing up!  Afterwards we went out.  We visited a few parks and museums, and I was in heaven.  I turned my face up to the sun and smiled back, trying to inebriate myself on vitamin D.

When we had completely frozen our little piggies, we decided to get some food. We found a sweet little fast food place that was shockingly healthy and delicious.  In the kids meal, the kids got a salad bar instead of fries.  I got an incredible grilled salmon sandwich, and Jeffrey just got a burger.  They also sold real English Chips!  Which, of course we shared with the kids.  So good.

And then the real fun began.

We stepped outside to go home, and I whispered under my breath for Jeffrey to hurry and unlock the van so we could rush the kids in.  Less than 3 feet away from the van, a drug deal was going on.
google image
A guy with an expensive hair cut and leather jacket was standing right behind our van, handing a plastic baggie full of white stuff to another guy.  The other guy was wearing stone wash jeans, and a dark hoodie, pulled up over his head, hiding his face.  They stood talking for a moment, but when they saw us, they shook hands, and rushed off their separate ways.  I didn't notice much more than that, as I was concerned with ushering the children into the van as soon as possible.  They usually linger outside, playing a bit and were confused as to why we were in such a hurry.  I buckled Faye into her chair, and hurried around into my seat.  Jeffrey then backed the car up enough to look at the license plate of fancy haircut guy, (who consequently, was sitting with his door open, smoking a bong) and then we drove away.

That is when I officially became a nark.

I called the police and told them what we saw.  They asked if he was still there, but we were gone, so had no idea.  Unfortunately, while I was on the phone Jeffrey didn't know where we were headed, so we went the wrong way.  We turned around and of course had to rubber-neck when we passed the restaurant again. Funny thing, fancy haircut guy was still there!  I don't know what happened after that.  Jeffrey speculated he was waiting for another deal to go down.  I would question the intelligence of that, but having one in the first place at a family restaurant in broad day light doesn't seem like the smartest thing to do, either, so I am not sure he is quite all the way there.

Sadly, the last park we wanted to visit, one with the little bird house village, was closed.  So we headed home.  It was just as well, anyway, five minutes into the drive both kids were flopped over their chairs, sound asleep.  Keith's arm was draped over Faye's shoulder in a sweet and protective big brother sort of way.  I wish I had taken a picture.  Right when I was about to, he moved.  And then my phone was dying so I wasn't able to anyway.

It was a lovely little day in the sun, heavenly and full of surprises.  I love having family days like that.  I love that we were safe even through witnessing what we did.  I love that we can spend time together and laugh and love and relish the moments.

Just a spoonful of sun makes the winter go down.  In the most delightful way!


Ker said…
Awesome day!!! Besides the drug deal I mean. I too miss the sun and we found our Vitamin D at the zoo today! I miss seeing you and hope all is well. Found a house yet?
Natalia said…
Hey, at least it wasn't a hooker!
Susan Anderson said…
What a lovely day you spent. Minus the drug deal, of course.

I'm glad you narked on him.

Emmy said…
that is crazy and glad you called! Hopefully they caught the guy.
Myya said…
Seriously what a crazy day! I totally would have narked too. What if it was a kid he was selling stuff to. Creep!!!
Jenny said…
Drugs make me sick.


I've watched my daughter get lost to drug addiction and it breaks my heart.

So often it's those darn clean cut, 'respectable' ones out selling the poison.


When we lived in Ohio many years ago I found a corner spot by the barn where I could catch sunshine without freezing.

I'm glad you got a few rays.

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