My To-do List Lies

I woke up to smiling blue skies and not a snowflake to be found.

I was somewhat relieved and a little disappointed.  The weatherman had promised big fat fluffy flakes, and instead I got sunshine.  Of course, I will rarely complain about sunshine.  And almost never in the winter months.  But still.  I do love watching those fat flakes drifting lazily out of the sky.

Valentine's Day.

A commercial holiday for grade school kids, and teenagers.

And another reason for me to celebrate.

Because that is what I like to do.

For reasons that are far to many and deep to go into, I hadn't been able to keep up with the cleaning in the basement.  The kids had decided to pulverize the family room and their room, and I decided for Jeffrey's gift, I would give him a spotless basement.  He would like that.  He never complains when things are messy, but I know he really likes it when things are clean.  Who doesn't?  He is a saint like that, though.  He never asks what I did all day, and if I apologize because I got caught up in a book or project, he smiles and tells me it is fine, he is glad I am doing things I enjoy, and I don't need to worry about it.  If only I could be so good to myself!  But I did want to do something sweet for him today, and that is what I decided.  To clean our bedroom, the bathroom, the family room, the kids room, and do all the laundry, and have it folded and put away.  And then we would have a fancy dinner with the kids when he got home from work.

Because I always bite off more than I can chew.

Its a sickness, really.

I think it is hereditary.  My sister said she does the same thing.

Needless to say, I got our bedroom clean.

And the laundry all washed.

None of it folded and put away.

I got the bathroom half cleaned.

And I made a rockin' dinner.  So much so, that Jeffrey asked me to leave the decor up until people complained and told me to take it down again.

And this is coming from a man who doesn't have a single romantic bone in his body.

My to do list is woefully plain, with only two things crossed off, but there is always tomorrow.

But that isn't what I wanted to talk about, anyway.

My mother called me this morning and asked when we were going to stop by as she had a valentine for the kids.  I needed to run some errands so we worked it out that they could play there while I ran around from store to store.  Which I did.  Gathering supplies for our dinner, I learned that shopping at the dollar store on Valentine's day means their decor has diminished to a pitiful one stand state.  There were thin pickins.  Same for the Target dollar isle.

Note to self: though being spontaneous is fun, it can cause problems when it comes to gathering supplies.  Think ahead next time, Amy!

When we got home from errands and playing with Grandma, I sent the kids to bed, and I got to work.  I put up streamers, laid out the table cloth and just had a lot of fun decorating.  I then realized I had forgotten the food portion of dinner in all my excitement for the decor, so had to run to the grocery store again.  Happily my father in law was home so I could let the kids sleep.  I had to go to several stores because they were all out of strawberries.  The last store I checked with had a few boxes in the back, and gave them to me.  Happiness!  Evidently they had run out and had to go buy them from another store earlier in the day.  Valentine's Day needs to find more fruits to make popular on that day because it is sad how in demand they are.

I got home, and made dinner, and then the kids woke up, and we decided to get fancy for our fancy dinner.  The kids got their Sunday clothes on, and Keith made me change twice because I didn't look "romantic enough."

And then Jeffrey got home, we turned out the lights, and enjoyed our feast.

Fancy style.

We had Spaghetti Amore, crescent rolls, rosemary baked red potatoes, and sparkling cider.  For dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered cinnamon lips.

It was a smashing hit.
Busy busy day and according to my to-do list unproductive. But we all know my to-do list is a big fat lier.  It was fun, and I think this will be a tradition to keep.

The kids keep asking what Holiday comes next.

I just need to come up with something fun to do for President's Day.  :)


Natalia said…
You could each dress up like your favorite president for President's Day!

I love the idea of doing a "fancy dinner" at home with the kids on Valentines Day. Since Luis and I celebrate early with our Valiversary, I've always thought that Valentines day would just be something fun for us to do with our kids... who knows maybe we could even include some neighbor kids in the future too if I'm feeling really ambitious and want to give someone a kid-free evening.
Susan Anderson said…
What a wonderful memory you created for yourselves and your kids.

And sounds like you created a pretty great dinner, too!

Emmy said…
Love it!! Looks great! Awesome job on the fancy dinner. :)
Em said…
i love that they are all dressed up. so cute.

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