Lost Moments

The kids were going crazy today.  Just bouncing off the walls.  Had I been thinking, I would have sent them outside as it was relatively warm.  But I wasn't thinking.  I was trying to get things done.  Which I didn't do.  I sort of regret not sending them out in their snow things.  It was a moment lost.  I had many of those today.  Lost moments.  I worry that I get too caught up in things and miss out on the truly wonderful moments.

Hopefully I can do better tomorrow.


Myya said…
I've been sending my girls to their rooms more & more lately. It keeps me from yelling, I just don't want to be yelling all the time. It makes me sad, I feel defeated when I turn to yelling at them. I think that the whole sending them to their room may be doing the trick because the last 2 days the time spent in the room is less & less. Every single day doesn't go without the thoughts of I wish I could do better, I need to do more. Every single day we reevaluate how we will. Every single day we try. We are human, we are moms just trying our best to raise wonderful kids. I think when we worry so much about how bad a job we are doing it is a little afirmation that really we are doing pretty ok at this gig. :)
Hang in there mama!!
Crystal Collier said…
The longer I'm a mother, the more I realize you have to pat yourself on the back for the little things, and blow off the rest. (Drops of Awesome, right?) I mean, who is going to remember the bad days anyway? Not the kids, certainly. They'll remember the good--some of it, and the consistency. In order to be a sane parent/person, you occasionally have to slack off and put necessity first. We've had entire days where all we did was clean (so Mom didn't blow), or where all we did was read books.

You're an awesome Mom, and I'm in awe of all the neat things you do with/for you kidoes. =)
Susan Anderson said…
Some days are just like that...

And thankfully, another is always just around the corner...


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