Doctor's Orders

Have you ever had a day that is crazy ridiculous?  Just busy and chaotic and tiring all wrapped up and tied with a pretty bow?

That was Friday for us.

We had appointments back to back to back.  It was a marathon running around kind of day.

Dentist, doctor and the tax man.  It was a pink day.  A happy pink day, according to Faye.  She is a doll.

And Keith decided he is a detective lately.

He goes around the house wearing his suit jacket, safari hat, carrying a notebook, pen, and magnifying glass, and solves crimes.

 I feel safer with a detective around the house.  Wouldn't you?

I guess I may as well let the cat out of the bag now.  I have been ridiculously depressed.  Which is very strange for me as I am normally a very upbeat and happy person, but this winter has been unbelievably hard on me.  I have been avoiding calls, avoiding people, the whole nine yards.  To the point that I even pulled Faye out of preschool because I just had too hard of a time putting in the volunteer hours required of me.  I didn't have the motivation.

When we went to the doctor office, I learned that I quite possibly have SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Which quite honestly comes as no surprise to me.  I love the sun.  I love the air outside.  I crave it.  The only time I ever had postpartum depression was when Faye was born, and to save money on our heating bill, we put plastic up on the windows, which drastically effected the amount of daylight or sun that I saw.  Because I wasn't willing to take a newborn out into the freezing weather, and Jeffrey didn't get home from work until after dark, I never saw the sun.  And I had a hard time with that.  But on weekends, Keith and I spent a lot of time outside, so it helped me cope.

Here, I live in the basement which gets minimal sunlight.  The winter has gone on far too long, and I haven't dealt with it the way I had hoped I would.

And so, it makes sense.  I have SAD.  I have been so tired all the time.  I have spent days where I didn't get out of bed.  I have tried to still do fun things with the kids but have not always succeeded.  It hasn't been fun for any of us.  My doctor offered some anti-depressants, but I am not a fan of taking medication if I can help it.  We discussed some other options, which are exactly what I was thinking.  More sunshine, more exercise.  Exactly what I need.

Today after church we all went for a nice long walk.  4 miles in three hours.  Pretty good time with two little kids complaining the whole way, right?  But the sun and fresh air were just what the doctor ordered.  I had a hard morning which made us late for church so getting out afterwards was especially good for me.  The sun was so lovely.  The temperature said it was 25* and we all shed our coats because it was absolutely heavenly.

I exposed as much skin as I possibly could so as to soak up more vitamin D and to help me get over this wretched depression.  Three hours out in the sun.  Yum!  Three hours of children whining and complaining and crying from the kids, but three hours in the glorious soon to be spring time sun.  It was completely heavenly.

The kids are now deliciously sun kissed, and when we got home, they were happy, and they were glad they went.

When we got back to the van, Faye said "thank you for the nice walk, legs.  Thank you for making me happy."  It was simply adorable.

Just what the Doctor ordered.


Em said…
i can feel spring coming!!!
Myya said…
Seriously the cutest detective I've ever seen. Looking at him would make me smile every single time! :)

I have a friend who has winter blues. She actually at one point put a tanning booth in her house. She has since just dealt by getting out more. I hope the sunshine shows up soon & you start feeling the warmth of good moods again. Good thing you've got such sweet kiddos with funny little sayings to get you by until then :)
mub said…
One option you might look into is a sad lamp. Philips makes one called the GoLITE and while it isn't cheap, if you watch Costco they sometimes have them for about $150 with a rebate. It is money well spent in my opinion.
Jenny said…

Try loading Vitamin D. That has been shown to help with SAD.

It's got to be hard.

I know you're a person who wants to count her blessings...when you're looking through gray glasses every day it must be tough!

Hugs from Arizona.

Sending some sunshine your way!

Emmy said…
My sister definitely suffers from that, she even has a special lamp that she uses to help bring more light.

Glad you were able to get out on a walk though I cannot imagine how you were able to take coats off when it was 25!!! I am such a wimp now.
Hey Keith is my name too!!

Anywho, spring is only three weeks away :)
Familia Morales said…
Love the pictures!

I suffer from depression year round, and I refuse to take anti-depressants. It can be made better by sunlight, exercise, what you eat (believe me, chocolate does NOT help). Magnesium is wonderful. Spring is right around the corner. If I had some sunshine here I would be sending it your way.

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