The Anatomy of Goals and Drinking Games

Last night I stayed up late trying to get organized.

I don't mean cleaning, I mean my life, organized.

I pulled out some very valuable books that have helped me in the past, and set about learning about goal setting and goal reaching.

After studying for what seemed like a short time but was actually and hour, I made some goals that I think I will be able to keep.  Some deep personal goals.

Part of keeping goals is staying organized, and so before I put my pen away last night, I planned for my day today.  It is something I learned on my mission, the daily planning, but for some reason, it has always seemed too hard to plan when there are little ones and so many undecided factors.  And the fact that I am spontaneous doesn't help much, either.  But I really want to accomplish these goals, so decided it was important and I needed to do it.

I am happy to report, despite all the hiccups in the day, I was able to keep with my schedule, and accomplish all that I set out to do today!  Despite my headache that started the second I woke up and is still persisting in annoying me.  One day I will be headache free, I tell you.  One day.  Despite the fact that both of my kids have the flu.  I was able to get it all done!

Of course, I am trying to be realistic in my daily goal setting.  My goals for today looked like this:

  • 7:30 am: Death by Abs exercises.
  • 7:45 am: get breakfast started
  • 8:00 am: clean off Jeffrey's car and start the engine so it will be warm for him when he leaves.  Get him a breakfast to go, and get a lunch ready for him.  Eat breakfast with the kids.
  • 9:00 am: clean my room (which is a goal I have.  Keep my room clean every day for a month.)
  • 10:00 am: read to the kids.  School time
  • 12:00 pm: lunch
  • 1:00 pm: nap time
I am so happy to say I stayed on schedule, and even got the laundry done.  It was a great day to accomplish things.

I did have a scare, though.  After we had read for a bit, I put a show on for the kids (it is the only way I can keep them from destroying the house while I am in the shower) and got in the shower.  When I was ready for the day, we went for a walk.

I checked the weather.  it was 18* outside.  Cold, but as I always tell the kids, we are tough.  We are from Viking descent and Vikings were not afraid of the cold, and neither are we!  We bundled up from the tips of our toes to the tops of our heads and headed out with the dog.  We went to the end of the street, and Keith began complaining about it being cold and he was hungry, so we turned around and went back home.  It was really cold!
Grilled cheese and hot cocoa with whipped cream on it.  Yum!  The perfect lunch to warm up our bodies.

And then we all took naps.  

And then the kids woke up.  

Both with fevers.


Keith's was very high.  104.2.

Since he had a bout with pneumonia last year, I worry about him getting it again.  Last year I was told to worry if he has a cold for a while and then it develops into a fever, but I called the doctor and was told with a fever that high it means it is something bad.  Like the flu.  Which honestly, made me laugh.  Because isn't pneumonia bad?  But I am happy I didn't have to take them in as we don't have insurance and doctor offices are expensive.  

I am going to watch them closely today and tomorrow and hope that they get better quickly because frankly, they have been sick since the day after Christmas and that makes me sad.

To help them with their water consumption, I am thinking of introducing them to drinking games.  Anyone know of any good drinking games for kids?  Because I am drawing a blank.  I used to play one with root beer as a kid, but can't for the life of me remember what it was, or how to play it.  :)


Lisa said…
you are awesome! Love your new blog design - so cute! And congrats on making your goals!
As for drinking, with Garrett being so sick, we actually splurged on a package of small refillable bottles of apple juice. Then I bought 2 big gallons to refill them with. Garrett LOVES drinking out of the small bottles and I love that I can refill them! Drinking games we love to play - pick a word that is said throughout the day and whenever anyone hears it, everyone must take a swig of whatever beverage you have. Make sure everyone has a closed water bottle nearby so it's easier. Just the act of HAVING the bottles close by usually is enough to make my kids drink. Also I read once that using LARGE cups at mealtimes helps kids drink more. I don't remember the logic, but it made sense... maybe I'll try and remember later! :)
Sometimes I feel like I am running everywhere and getting no where! I used to be a planner... then I had 5 kids!
Unknown said…
if they play video games have them take a drink every time they have to restart or go back to a checkpoint, and every time they hit a loading screen, or win.

give them a glass with their homework, have them get a drink when they get home from school, if all else fails just copy actual drinking games and substitute the alcohol with water.
Emmy said…
Never played the drinking game so not sure-- but I think while watching a show or in a conversation choose a word and every-time someone says that word you take a drink.

Hope he gets better soon.
Susan Anderson said…
One word.



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