Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Jeffrey and his brother have the best relationship I have ever seen between siblings.  They are both willing to drop whatever when the other needs help, and they do it so happily and gladly.  Really, it is such a great example to our kids.  Let's be honest, for me, too.  Last night his brother was waging a battle with his math book, and Jeffrey got excited and rushed to help.  Because he is weird in the fact he likes math.  And besides, I think they just like to spend time together.
 While they were doing homework, Keith and I were drinking Pumpkin Cider, coloring, and conversing.  It was a very laid back evening, and quite enjoyable.  Keith asked when we get to go on a date again, which made me so happy.  The boy likes to spend time with his mother!  I need to enjoy that while I can, because rumor has it when they become teens, that desire will no longer be there.
Faye and her cousin enjoyed the moment of limited adult supervision to play on the stairs. They were pretending the stairs were covered in lava and water, and they kept sliding down from the water but had to avoid the lava.  I love when they use their imaginations like that!  At least she wasn't into anything she should have been, right?  I am learning she is quite the bossy one, though.  If things aren't going her way, she gets mad and stomps off for about thirty seconds, and then comes back and presents her idea in a different way, so she still gets her way.  Learning negotiations at an early age, I see.

After Keith and I finished our Pumpkin Cider, we decided it was time to call it a night.  I knew Jeffrey would probably be helping his brother a good while yet, so I gathered the kids, got them to get their jammies on, and then we went down to my room, snuggled on my bed, and I fell asleep while they watched The Little Prince.  Evidently, when it was over they got up, brushed their teeth and put themselves to bed.  That is what Jeffrey reported, anyway.

And if you think about it, what better way on earth is there to fall asleep?  Surrounded by those squishy little bodies, nuzzled up to you.  Keith was curled up near my head, my arm around him, and Faye held my other arm across her waist while she rested her head on my face.  Not the most comfortable, but evidently I was very tired.  More so than them.  I admit, it is probably my own fault.  Wanting them to go to bed soon, I had given them some melatonin, and taken some myself.  I guess it affected me more than it did them.  Lesson learned.  But I will cherish that moment for a long while yet.  The sweet late night cuddling done with my little angels really is the best way to end the day.  Any kind of day.  They seem to exude happiness and joy, and just being near them is a great way to recharge after a long day.

It is a good thing I am a stay at home mother, because I need recharging all the time!  Today, for instance is going to be crazy busy.  Lots and lots of running around.  Meetings, helping people move, etc.  I am going to need those little rechargeable batteries of mine if I expect to make it through the day unscathed!
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