Obligatory Resolutions

Finally, its over.

2012 was like a bad habit I couldn't wait to break and forget about.  A door to door salesman begging you to slam the door on him.  It was a year that kept tripping me down every time I managed to get back up.  And for that, I am so glad to tear it up and pretend it never happened.

There were some good things about the year, don't get me wrong.  I gained a sister in law who I absolutely adore.  And a nephew who makes my niece ridiculously happy which in turn makes me happy.  I have a beautiful family and we have been blessed with good health for the most part.  The year itself seemed to have a yucky aura.  And so for that, I am glad there will never be a repeat.

Let us never speak of it again.

So, new year, hu?!  Good things are in store, I can just feel it.

I have plans for this year.  My number one goal of the year is for us to get out on our own.  To find our own place, preferably with fruit trees in the yard.  Lots of grass and garden space.  White picket fence.  You know the type.  But I will be happy to settle for the just out on our own part.  I have a plan to execute this, and I am really hoping it works.  More on that later.

I recently read a news article that helped me decide on some goals to work on this year.  I think they will make me very happy.  One of which was to read more.  I love reading.  It is a wonderful escape for me.  I just don't do it a lot because I get sucked into books and have a hard time emerging. However, In September of 2012, a team of researchers at Stanford found that "literary study provides a truly valuable exercise of people's brains.  Surprising preliminary results reveal a dramatic and unexpected increase in blood flow to regions of the brain beyond those responsible for 'executive function,'" according to a release on the study. In other words, both leisurely reading and reading for close study benefit us in some pretty significant neurological ways." (KSL article)  
 Yay!  Reading is good for you, and I am all about doing things that are good for you.

Another goal is to write more.  This is not a promise to be a better blogger, though it will probably help with that.  I just mean to write a little bit every day.  Whether it is on my computer, in a notebook, or even on a napkin, I just need to write a bit each day.     
"Psychologist James Pennebaker believes that writing enables people to process their thoughts and emotions, leading to tangible physical and emotional health benefits. Pennebaker has been studying this phenomenon for more than 25 years and says that“when people are given the opportunity to write about emotional upheavals, they often experience improved health.” KSL Article
The lack of writing may have been part of the reason that one year we have agreed to never talk about again was so beastly to me.  I didn't have a way to process my emotions or thoughts, and just carried them around with me for too long.  But that is not going to happen this year.  I am going to read, and write, but no 'rithmetic.  If I can help it, I mean.

I half heartedly want to improve my photography skills.  I am going to sort of work on that.  Take more pictures and try to read photography books.  But using my phone camera doesn't always make for the best photos.  But not biggie.  It is more of a dream than a goal.  But that is what a goal not written down is, isn't it?  A dream?  I am not going to stress about this one much because I worry about time.  I don't have a lot of it right now.

But, by the year's end, and this is the big one, I will be able to play 5 songs on the guitar, if not more.  This is something for which  I am so excited.  I have a new guitar, after all.  :)

Yup, I can feel it.  2013 is going to be good to me.


What wonderful resolutions!

What a wonderful blog you have :)

Happy New Year!!

Noodle said…
Hope you have the best 2013 has to offer cause you deserve it =)
Familia Morales said…
Awesome goals! Makes me want to read and write more.
Susan Anderson said…
Sounds like you have some great plans for the new year.

(And believe me, I will never mention 201* in your presence.)

Emmy said…
Great goals and love that about reading-- might just have to go read a book now :)

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